Help plz

I am having some trouble with a few things on my unicycle. It is currently school holidays since abot a week ago but i still have a week left. I set myself a goal to hopefully land atleast one 180 unispin.

So i set of reading a few threads about 180 unispins and decided I had read enough and was gonna try one. So I went out and practiced some stuff like jump mounts and 180 dismounts. After doing that for while I tried just jumping straight in the air and landing back on the uni. Now this is were i had trouble I could hardly get any hight just jumping straight of the uni. Well not enough to be able to spin the uni and land in time. Could this be because I need to practice more? Or maybe becase i’m a bit scared?

I also am having trouble with turning whilst riding one footed. I can do a small turn but anything to big i just lose my balance and fall off. How can I get a bigger turn?

This isn’t somthing I need help with but yesterday I was watching TV and a program came on called Master Of Champions. Were six people with very unique talents compete in front of the worlds best judges… Oksana Baiul, Jonny Moseley and Steve Garvey (copied from there website).

On this episode at the the last competition was between Zak Bladwin and Dan Heaton (Eaton? Not sure didn’t realy catch his last name). In the end Zak Baldwin won his chalange against Dan but didn’t win overall :frowning: . So im just curious how old is that? Or is that recent? Im not sure.

Thx for your help

seen that show too…

as for the unispins if you are scared wear some shin pads and keep practising it took me ages to learn them but just get out there and try try try


For your post please put some substance in the title so that people know what it is about. ty.