help please!!!

I’m setting up my 20" for street like my 24" street. i have 130mm cranks on my 24" and really like the speed i get when going into jumps grinds and sets. i want to get new cranks and frame for my trials. I’m getting impact regent white and i want cranks that will be eqivilent to crank feeling on my 24".

i’m sorry if you dont understand this i’m having a hard time explaining what i mean.

i want to know the crank length to put on my 20" so it will feel the same as running 130s on my 24". 110s or 125s?


i use 137mm currently on my 24 street ride and and when i get back on a 20inch i hate it :stuck_out_tongue:

but i used 125’s before and it was a good mixture between leverage and speed. Just stick with the 24inch for street and use the 20inch for flatland

hmmm. i guess its just im having major high jump problems on my 24" i find it way harder to form a v with my body for rolling tucking when i jump on my 24 it just find i get hardley ny heght

err doblepost :frowning: anyways and i meant to add onto that that i find rolling hop high jump easier on my 20

just gotta practice, i can jump just as high on my 24 as i can on my 20. Its actually a lot easier to cause i can use my speed to lever me up the ledge. its awesome stuff <3

ye i git going pree fast on my 130 cranks. its pretty hard to practice right now because of all the (slippery) ice everywhere. but its just kinda frustrating when my long jump is 190cm and my high jump on it is like 40cm maybé

how long have you been riding for?

2 years now…seriously since the summer but i rode trials then. i started riding street when i saw justin kohse in defect when i went to bedford to get a new tube and tire for my trials and i decided to try it. i started riding 24 street in december. but the weatheres made it hard to ride

Ive been riding for 6 years and i always had trouble with my hops until i got bigger and i started to go all out. For my style of riding the 24inch is a big help, most people dont like to ride the 24inch because it feels so large.

Stick with the 20inch and get some 125’s, once you feel like you can handle the 24inch hop back onto it and youll be amazed at what it does to your riding. My friend has always rode a 20inch for street and i went riding with him the other day and he hopped on the 24inch and he said he loved it but it felt really awkward for him to ride. It took me a few months before i could really throw the 24inch around.

good luck!

hmm ill have to think about that :slight_smile: if i have time im going to to go to my school or the downtown area and try somethings. ill try and get my friend to come and that way ill have access to both sizes. so i can try something on the 20`first and if i feeel i can ill switch to the 24`` :slight_smile: i definately prefer the 24 for jumping sets and grinding. its easier to get up the the ledge as the pedals are higher up for grinding and i just find it feels more solid landing on a 24

Mexico, I’m going to have to start by chastising you for using a crap thread title. Threads with titles of “Help!” are never useful down the road, as they aren’t as searchable. Please put the topic in the thread title. It will probably lead to better quality help anyway (and less of this).

IMHO, no crank length is going to make a 20" feel like a 24". Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, otherwise why use both? So the size you choose for the 20" should maximize what you want to use it for. Otherwise you could do a little math to get proportional sizing, but like I said, it’s still not going to feel the same.

My riding background is a little different; the main difference to me between 110s and 125s on a 20" is that the pedals won’t hit the ground so much with the 110s. But for Freestyle I developed most of my skills with 125s, and now use 114s. Hope that’s at least a little helpful…

mathematically speaking 108mm cranks would be equal gearing on a 20 as 130mm cranks would be on a 24.

I would probably go for the 110s if you want the same feel.