HELP please


My names Josh, I am looking to buy a unicyle and I could use some advice as to what size will be most beneficial to me. I am 5’ 4’’ and want to use the One-wheeled-TOY to mainly ride MTB trails. 20…24…26? I have unicyled when I was I kid, but now at 30 I am stoked to go out and ride on some local trails. Thanks for any advice you can give.


In you situation I’d go for a 24" or 26" MUni. Since you unicycled as a kid you should pick up the basics again pretty quickly and then can focus on riding off-road.

Hi Josh,

Maybe someone else will chime in with sizing experience (I’m 6’), but I would guess that you’ll find a 20" or 24" easier to mount on the trails. A 24" is the standard for a lot of people riding muni.

(The main fitting adjustment between unicycle frames is the height of the seat post— And you can adjust that more than a foot up or down.)



  1. Use the search function at the top of the page. Your question has been asked in probably hundreds of threads here, so there’s ample opportunity to read existing advice until you die of boredom. :slight_smile:
  2. Tell us where you are, as buying choices depend on country.
  3. If you have a price range, that’s helpful also.
  4. If it’s within your means, get a KH MUni. Unless your hills are really steep, you shouldn’t need a brake.

Thanks John,

I am living near Dallas Texas. The mtb trails i ride currently are single track and rocky in places. My price range is up to 300 dollars. I am leaning toward a 24’’ Muni. Thanks for your imput!

Based on that info, I would go for this one. That’s the Nimbus with the 24" tire for $320. They also have a black one, but black is boring. :slight_smile:

In many cases, there isn’t much of an actual wheel diameter difference between 24" and 26" because the 24" on a MUni is usually a 3" or other very fat size, while the 26" tires are usually a little smaller. But the Nimbus models use the same brand/type of tire, so the 26" probably has a diameter of 28" or more.

I have the exact muni John posted, except I upgraded the cranks to Kris Holm.

These things are as solid as a rock. This should last you a very long time. I would recommend the 24" over a 26", because it is more versatile in the ranges of ride-able terrain.


I also bought the orange version with 150 mm KH cranks - it’s a really nice and solid muni. I have downgraded it with 125 mm cranks and a 2.5" Hookworm tire, which I plan to use until I get experienced enough for more challenging terrain. (At present I only ride on asphalt, dirt roads and easier trails.)

The actual diameter with the original Wildlife 3.0" is 26" and with the Hoowkworm 2.5" it is 25".

Oh, BTW I forgot to chide you for a meaningless thread title. Please put the subject of your issue/question/problem into the title so future generations will know what the thread is about. Usually I don’t read generic “help” threads; I must have been bored. :slight_smile: