Help please!!!!

I have a torker DX and the saddle broke. Anyone know where i could buy a replacement saddle or what other kinds/types of saddles that will work on the torker? i sorta would like to get a gel seat but don’t know if they will fit on the seatpost or not.
Any help will be great, thank you.

The DX seatpost.has a standard Schwinn mount. It’s the same as the mount on all Kris Holm saddles, as well as the Nimbus saddles, and many others.

The UDC product listings used to say what seatposts the saddles fit, I haven’t looked in a while but I’d check there.

Looks the same as the LX saddle but I am not for sure.

I think the Torker seat attaches differently than the standard.
Hopefully someone else can add clarity.

The Torker LX and AX use the Miyata style seatpost, and the CX and DX use a Schwinn style post.

Until recently the seatbase on the DX saddle was the same Velo seatbase that KH used. The DX is compatible with just about any modern uni seat without a new post.

The LX and Savage saddles are the only ones on the US UDC website that will not fit on your seatpost.

The Nimbus Hi-Top is the closest thing there to the Torker DX saddle.

I have an AX so that explains why I’m wrong.

cool! thanks everyone