help please

Ok this is the deal:

My side hops are getting better, but i still suck at pre-hops. i can hop 5 pallets now static but with prehops i can bearly do 4… i need some help!

i’ve tried a million different air presures and i’ve practiced it SO much!

a pre-hop is a tool to help you hop higher, if you do better without then don’t bother with one atleast for the time being.

I think for prehops you should practice si sidehops up stuff.Start off at like 3 pallets and work your way up.A video would be helpful too.

Prehops are hard. Most people do not do them correctly. Take a look at any highjump clip of fabian/joe and take note of their prehop. Slow it down if possible. Look at the straight back right before take off. This is what is fairly easy to do in static but hard to time in prehop.

Stick to static for now. I did for the longest of times before I tried prehops. A strong static hop is much more useful in trials for tech lines.

I think he should still practice prehops every now and then cause he’ll want them later when he cant get any higher static.

You can always go higher. I haven’t seen anyone max out yet. Even long term riders such as Vincent Hermance (bike trials champ) adds a few cm in his distance and or ups every year.

Don’t worry about tire pressure, or your tire, or even your uni for that matter. Worry about your technique. The equipment might make a small difference down the road, but until your technique is solid, you’re only distracting yourself with gear.

If you’ve got static hops, then you know how to tuck, I presume. That part’s the same between the two styles of side-hop.

First off, you’ll need to increase the distance between you and your obstacle. As a general rule, if I’m going to do a side-hop onto a 3’ tall obstacle, I start a bit more than 3’ away from the obstacle. You need room to pre-hop.

What you might be doing is worrying about the pre-hop too much. Well, don’t! Continue to focus on your tuck… this is what gets you height.

Why not start with a “pseudo pre-hop”? Try small side-hops towards your obstacle, and make your last side-hop up onto the obstacle, with no pause… as if you were hopping to approach the obstacle. This should prepare you for a big side-hop while still moving.

Once you’re comfortable with throwing big side-hops while moving, then start working on the pre-hop. Don’t worry about how hard you compress the tire or anything, just stay focused on the tuck. Only after you’re comfortable with doing a pre-hop should you worry about tire compression.

Hope these “baby steps” to pre-hops help… let us know how you do!

How high are Joe and Fabian hopping static these days ? last i saw was in trials masters and they did 100cm without a prehop