help please? **UK**

First few things…
-Does anyone know what round crowned 20" unicycle frames there are with 42mm bearings (ISIS), that has clearance for a trials tyre
-If so, where I can get it from
-Can I get it in yellow?
-Or if not, is it possible to buy the Nimbus II trials frame from the nimbus sunlight or sunburst or whatever it is called seperate (so just the frame by itself)
-Wheather you need rubber rim tape for a trials rim with no drilled holes
-If the qu-ax reinforced seatpost is worth £12

Thanks guys


give a ring and they will sort you out. They are very helpfull. I have heard they are real people too!


Yeah I’ve heard that too Joe… very helpful people. Give them a call.

I know from experience that the UDC people will do their best to help you. Beat that :wink:

So do I… beaten!

Yes you need rim tape.