help please sorry im a moron


Hi, ive been wanting to get a unicycle for a long time, and i’ve been doing a lot of reseach on what to get, and the more i research the further away i am from being able to tell heads from tails of this thing, every where i look there are conflicting viewpoints and conflicting every thing else too, i’ve heard that i should use any where from a 16’ to a 24’ in wheel for doing what i want to do. Also every website and store is completly subjective, saying only there brands are good and are the best and everyone elses is crappy and will break almost instantaniusly,

At stores they say they’re brand is great but have no idea how to even get on a unicycle.

So i figured i should ask someone who isn’t subjective and knows something about it

so here are all my things that i could think of that you could possibly use to help me out

(not metric)

Height: 4’ 7.25"
Weight: 69 lbs
Age: 12.751
Inseam (without shoes):
Inseam (with shoes):
Sex: M
and that’s all i can think of now

Now theres all the information i can think of to give you now here’s what i would like to know:

Alright first of all i have never been on a unicycle although i think i know the general tecnique to that but for a beginer what would be an:

Appropriate wheel size:
and good qualty relitivly cheep brand:
Any other in formation

also (i know it never ends does it. sorry.) i have found some cheep sun unicycles brand new for $48 do you know if they are any good? also for $46 (same size) i saw a new 2004 Torker unicycle, im preety shure those are good quailty and good for tricks but are they only good for advanced unicyclers? any way please email me and try to help me thanks.

also if there any more info you need about me to help email me as well

thanks so much,


Go to unicycledotcom(, and check out the Beginner Unicycles section.