help please sorry im a moron

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I didn’t mean to posit this advice in absolute terms. Again, we’ve just found that aggressive, athletic types quickly move to a trials or MUni once they learn to ride, and they virtually never stick with their “learner” model past the initial stage. “In a matter of months” they will have outgrown a beginning model, and won’t be interested in converting said model into “a good unicycle.” I have a cheapo Chinese 24" incher that friends have learned on (no hopping allowed on this cheapo), and once they are good to go, they buy a “good one” to fit their needs.

This method has worked for us, but I understand other methods will work for others. Aside from banging up the seat, learning doesn’t stress a unicycle much at all, and for that reason we’ve found that any old model will suffice, and that it ultimately pays off to save your dough for a specialized uni (trials or MUni) rather than tricking out a “learner.”


I don’t know if anyone has already said this.(sorry if u have)
But I say get an '04 Torker LX because they are strong,
great for beginners, and since they have a flat crown you
can try a little bit of freestyle with them also.

The only problem is if you don’t want a 24 inch
and your budget isn’t letting you get anything
over $100.

I also reccomend trying the '03 Torker LX.
(It’s what I learned on)You can’t really try
any freestyle with this one though.
This one runs just a little bit under $100 with S&H.

A link for the '04 LX
A link for the '03 LX

I bought my “Trainer” (but i don’t know what brand, if it is any special brand) 10 days ago, and this night, i progressed to level 2, did all the things written with no problems at all :slight_smile:

I would like to continue with David´s style:D

dod thuis thread is old!!!

i have a lx torker now and am getting a girraph i can hop and ride for 2 1/2 mi