help please: name of NAUCC 2008 trials rider

can anyone tell me who he is please?
thanks very much indeed!

Looks like Zach Wenner to me. I may be wrong though :stuck_out_tongue:

On here his name is Surfer1024 or something like that.

thatd be Zach Wenner

I don’t know his name but his rider number was 185 and he was not Matt Sindelar (same color shirt). Someone with the registration list should be able to take it from there…

Same guy

I love you all…

That’d be me:D , you know, that random guy who tied for 5th place with Jatwell in the trials comp whos name is Zachary Wenner.:smiley:
Edit: And who was wearing garden gloves that were bought at the hardware store in town that morning because I didn’t have gloves.

On serious though, why do ya want to know?

feeling paranoid? We’ve got a nice photo of you in the next issue of Uni Magazine, that’s all. If I’d known we could’ve put “random guy” in the caption I wouldn’t have posted :slight_smile: