Help! please its to do with my isis nimbus trials unicyce

Hi, i got the nimbus isis trials unicycle today for christmas. The unicycle came with quax1 isis cranks on it which i didnt order, i ordered a stock nimbus isis 19" trials unicycle. And i have confirmed it was meant to come with nimbus isis cranks. Now my problem is are the nimbus isis cranks stronger than the quax1 caranks? Should i phone udc and get them to send me the nimbus cranks?

Thanks any help is appreciated.

Hawo PKHodgie, i’m sure if you called UDC. They would be happy to change/transfer the correct cranks. Try it cause i would. :smiley:

i dont have to much experience with the nimbus cranks but the quax 125 mm freestyle one (i assume thats what you have) are pretty decent, i brokem on a 6ft drop to flat so…they took alot of abuse from me tho

I often wonder why people are so afraid to pick up the phone or e-mail when there is something wrong with something. It’s so much easier to approach the source instead of getting run-around ideas from people all over the globe on some forum board somewhere regarding a problem with a product.

If it was a service it might be different…I still wouldn’t blab online before addressing the issue, but either way…

Confront them on it. The parts are mixed up…not a big deal…easily correctable.

not to be a jerk:D , but did you read his post? He wanted to know if the quax cranks were better than the nimbus…and if they were he was going to keep them, if their not he already knew he had that option…