HELP! (please, I need some advice on Uni components)

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<P> Okie,</P>
<Q>I’ve decided to try to build up my own unicycle, for “free riding”…
so I’m wondering what exactly I’m going to need in terms of the little
hardware stuff. frame, wheel, spokes, seat, pedals are the easy stuff
to know what to get, but… I’m curious as to what is a good strong
hub, axel, and the little bolts and bearings that come along with
it. I’m a light rider, and medium height, and pretty
agressive, and I want something that all of my friends will
be able to beat around on and not do too much damage to…</P>
<R>so… I guess what I’m looking for reccomendations on are:</P>
<T>axel/axel hardware</P>
<U>cranks (size and stuff) – is it alright to just use mtb/free ride
cranks? or do I need special uni ones?</P>
<V>bearings, and the other little nuts and bolts needed. (and all the
other little things that my non-mechanicaly minded has forgot to
<W>I’m planning on using a double wide rim, and don’t have a frame picked
yet, but it’s probably going to be for a 24" wheel, that can have super
fat tires!</P>
<X>I’m also pretty broke, so… I probably don’t need the most expensive
stuff, even though it may really be the best after all!</P>
<Y>Thanks! have fun!</P>
<Z>Crazy Kate</P>
<Z>(so long and thanks for all the shoes)</P></DIV></div><br
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