Help picking.

Which do you think would be better for me? i am 5’7 and can ride pretty well, do some tricks i need a uni to learn street on. These are two i have been looking at if you have any other ideas please tell me.

out of those 2, definantly the DX.

ps. juggling store is awesome. I’ve called them and emailed them a lot, and they are always really helpful. I also usually get stuff in about 2 days from them.

ok cool thanks. So im guessing the hookworm is not that great.

not exactly. the hookworm is a non splined freestyle unicycle. you’ll break it really easily jumping off stairs ect. you want a trials unicycle liek the DX.

ok so do you have anyother recommendations beside the DX

Qu-Ax. More expensive than the DX but just as strong and a little lighter. I have an 07 DX with the beefed up frame. I like it a lot. I got mine on ebay from I wish I could get a KH though… You are Soooooo lucky Mornish!
The Qu-Ax cross uni. $207 Not as strong as the DX but a little cheaper. the Full on trials Qu-Ax is $306. I’d say go with the DX.

Nimbus hoppley. Currently they’re not in stock on udc but as soon as you see one there jump on it. 350$ and an overall great trials unicycle. good for street too.

Jugglingstore is so good, i ordered a torker TX and i live about 6000 miles away, they were really helpful when i had trouble with customs etc.

for trials/street at “cheap” prices, there is the Qu-ax, the nimbus hoppley and DX if you are in the US…

The hoppley is probably the best but lack of stock… mind you DX’s are nice heap splined unis…

the dx is by far the cheapest splined unicycle on the market right now but like all things it has it’s downside. It’s heavy. For another 50 bucks you can save about a pound and it’s just as strong if not a little stronger. And for another 50, you can get the hoppley. light, strong and splined. Depending on how much money you have, I would get the hoppley.

the thing is, if you get a DX its easier to upgrade because you didn’t spend as much money in the first place.

I would say that heavy unis are fine and will just make you stornger and able to hop higher on a light uni, but then everybody would make fun of me because my uni is so light…

yeah but as for upgrades. arent torker DX splined cranks really hard to find?

You can put profiles into a DX frame. =p

ok cool so basicly its between the nimbus hopply if i could get one the torker DX and the Qu-Ax

Also, the DX isnt that heavy, its only a few ounces heavier then the Qu-Ax, then only by 2 pounds is the KH lighter than it.

That weight really doesnt make a difference. The lighter ones feel better at first, but you get used to the weight of the DX.

The DX wheelset is a lot stronger than what a lot of people think it is. It is gonna have to take tons of abuse before it will ever break.

The only person I know that broke a crank on it was Cody, and that was from a lot of 8 foot drops, then a few 10-12 foot drops to flat all in one day.

lol from what i’ve seen cody would probably break profiles LOL so…

I think he has.

Didnt he also break a KH frame? He breaks everything…

i dont think he bothers spending money on stuff like that. he would just break it:)