Help picking out a unicycle

Hi guys I’m new to this forum I wanted to see if you could give me a little advise picking out a unicycle. I couldn’t find any threads that where specific to what I’m looking for. I’m looking to get a Muni I’d like to keep it under $200. I’m 5.6” weight about 220 pounds (Yes sir a heavy hitter) my inseam is about 30”. I found a sweet looking Muni at the local bike shop it was a 20” black Torker they wanted $170 for it. Should I go with a 20” or 24”? I was also wanting something with a break mount on it. Any ways any advice as far as what to get and what to pay would be really helpful.

Thank you for your time


If it looked like this don’t get it.
If it looked like this its better(far stonger but heavier), but I’d get it in a 24" or 26" size.

However for a nice cheap Muni I would go with one of the Nimbuses on this page. Be sure to get an Isis hub because it is stronger.
Edit: The Nimbuses are also cheaper and lighter then the DX and I think that their both about the same strength.

These are nice but any thing closer to the $200 range?

I know this is my first post, but I’ve been a lurker here for a while and unicycling for 9 years now. I also play guitar, ride mountain bikes and am in the automotive service field. One thing I’ve learned from each of my hobbies is that you really do get what you pay for. A $200 guitar might look nice, but it won’t sound as sweet as the $500 one a couple over on the shelf. The bike might have just as many speeds as the next one over and be $300 cheaper, but when you get into quality of components, design of components and how well they work (such as disc brakes versus the standard rim brake) that $300 might be well worth it. Some people choose to fix their vehicles with the cheaper component because it saves them money right then and there, but 20,000 miles later they might regret it because for $50 more they could have had a component with a lifetime warranty and the one they chose didn’t.

My point is save up the extra $80-$100 for a unicycle on because if you go with that 20" I guarantee you’ll wish it was a 24" or even a 26". A 20" might be fine and dandy for a younger unicyclist, but for serious off road you will regret not getting a 24" or larger.

go ahead and spend a little more on your first uni. it is worth it, I am a heavy hitter too at 6’3’’ 250. if you get a cheaper uni it will and I mean will break. my first muni did not have an isis hub and I broke it, the hub and the cranks bent it about 20 min of riding. I was doing tricks but they were nothing speical just some hopping. spend a little more if not you will waste your money, especially for us big guys

Well I almost got my unicycle yesterday ordered it all up then got an email saying 4 week back order. Dang :angry: ! So I had them cancel it. Which brings me to my next point the 09’s should be coming out soon should I just wait for them and see if the 08’s come down in price? Or should I support my local bike shop?


Well the 08 Kris Holm range didn’t come out until at least June I think. Its probably just as good to get one now. The unicycles available from are often much better strength and quality wise that the ones at the bike shop, support UDC.

The LBD can order me a Torker DX 24 for the same $320 they would probly even put it together for me. Whats UDC?

UDC is, abreviated of course lol. :slight_smile:

Thank you, and I’m out in Socal this week called around to bike shops one happened to have a torker DX 24" so I got it. I’m impressed with you guys its a lot harder than you make it look. If any one has tips or pointers for me please let me know I’m going to look over the old threads for help.

Thankx everyone

p.s. I havent gotten a full cycle out of it once and can already fill it in my legs.

what exactcly do you mean a full cycle like one full pedal or what?

anyways, i too am also starting, accept im on a 24" learner uni thing.
if you mean you cant pedal properly, how i learned was using a wall in my garage, first i just sat on it with te pedals horizontal, then i just tried pedaling real slow, eventually i got better, andi learned to freemount by accident. i was mounting it wrong and then i did the wrong mount wrong and turned out the right one lol thats confusing.

Yes am unable to do 1 full pedal. Some videos on youtube said I should get used to rocking 1st, holding a wall or somthing.

Give it about 2-3 weeks and you’ll get it, it will just become normal :smiley:

You’ll probably have seen all of this written before but heres my advice to learners :smiley:

Start against a rail, holding onto it loosely so you can keep balance as you ride along next to it. One your a bit more confident ride away from the rail.

Also, I’ve noticed that when most people new to a unicycle try to ride they put one pedal forwards and stand on that first like you would on a bike. It doesn’t work. Put 1 pedal down and put all your weight on that while you but your other foot onto the other pedal.

And as for riding to start with play around with the seat hight to find the most comfortable position. One that is done keep all your weight on the seat while you ride.

And finally… Good luck and have fun!

Thankx I had to lower the seat more was able to rock for a while. Its still kicking my @$$ but its fun.

lol, good to know im not the only newbie on the forums. Shame if anyone lived on the gold coast like between coolangatta and nerang i’d come and ride with ya’s.

anyways once you learn to pedal, try freemounting.

Good Luck and hope that you learn quick.
You need to could out and play Basketball with the Arizona Unicycle Club.

I was thinking about going and checking it out on wensdays b/c they have an intro class. I dont know anyone out here who rides but it would be nice if someone could school me. what kind of riding do you do?

I Coker mostly but i try all diferent things. You might want to send an email to make sure there will be there I do not think they are always there on Wed. but every Tuesday we play ball.