Help picking next uni

All opinions welcome.

About me:

Novice Rider
I am 5’9" tall, weigh 170 and have a 30" inseam
I can static mount and ride 150 yards on flat smooth or gravelly terrain
I want to ride more often, and to learn more technical riding skills
I’m a gear head
In the long run, I want to be able to ride it all: cruiser to work, muni on the weekends, play on the many features around town

Current Cycles Owned:

Semcycle XL 29 with Kovachi wheel and Big Apple tire (love it, but it is out of place in my yard)
Yuni Journeyman 26 entry level muni (bought for wife, I ride it more than she does, I like it)

Goal for new uni:

Ride in my yard, or on features around town, every time I have five minutes


I could ride one of the cycles that I have, working on mounts and handling, etc. But my yard is unusual, it is covered with concrete and brick paving, different levels, steps and curbs. I think it would be a playground on a unicycle that has a smaller wheel with relatively long cranks. Also, I find myself wanting to dink around on features during the day, when I have a few minutes. But when I jump on my 29 I have to turn back just when I am up and going.

So, should I buy a cycle with a smaller wheel? If so, which one?

Current cycles under consideration:

Torker DX (2006) with a 20" or a 24" wheel

Bottom line:

Do I get a DX 20 or a 24?

Is there another cycle that I should get instead of the Torker DX?

Thanks for all comments! I need feedback!

Well I don’t know squat about riding but from what I can gather from reading around, you’d be better suited for the 24", and obviously DX if you have the funds for it. Smaller wheels are better for just jumping around and doing tricks (which is what your yard seems to be suited for).

So yeah…I’d get the 24"…but then again I don’t even have a uni yet. XD

i’d agree with the dude with a sock.

a 24" is good. or even a 26, if you want to… but something on the kinda smallish side of the wheel chart.

The goal says it all. Get the 20" wheel. The KH, Onza, or Qu-ax trials would all be suitable also. You want to bounce around and climb on stuff, not ride any appreciable distance.

Re: Help picking next uni

On Sat, 8 Oct 2005 21:30:48 -0500, Icycle wrote:

>Do I get a 20 or a 24?

I tend to disagree with the folks recommending 24" for two reasons.

Firstly, you described your yard somewhat, it sounds like trialsy
stuff for which a 20" is more in order. You didn’t describe the
“features” around town but I guess it’s more about technical trialsy
“street” riding than about distance. Again, 20" would be the best

Secondly, you already have 29" and 26" at your disposition. Therefore,
adding a 20" would yield a broader coverage of the range of practical
unicycle wheel sizes.

>Is there another cycle that I should get instead of the Torker DX?

Depends on money. KH20 would be better but Torker DX wil serve you
well, too.

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for about the same price as a dx you could have this nimbus

Or you can get a similar 20" trials Nimbus.


if you dont have much money get the qu-ax trials…

Yes chosen, except the hub on that Nimbus will break whereas i understand the DX hubs genreally don’t, this goes for the 20" aswell. As you can’t get torkers in the UK i have no idea how they compare in price to the Qu-Ax, but i think the Qu-Ax would be a better bet if they’re similar money, it has a better tyre and the hub is probably stronger. The DX always seemed a strange idea to me, supplied with a splined hub but not made to support the big tyres used for Muni or trials.

but the DX 06 is splined, and the nimbus doesnt. go ahead and get the tokerDX’06


definitely 24", not 20"…but you might want to get a 20" sometime. for now, though, get the 24".

Here’s what I did:

Get a really cheap uni at your local bike store, one of the x brand 20" ones. Practice what ever you want on it, after all, it didn’t cost nothin’. This takes away all the guilt from scratching/dropping/breaking your unicycle. So long as you don’t jump off anything too high, it will last quite a while (several years) and you can practise all your new tricks on it.

I would say th 24" nimbus or some equivalant. The reason is that you can easily learn to ride on a 24 opposed to a 29, but you can still travel distances with a 24. And if you get an off-road uni you can do some jumping and muni, based off the uni you decide on.

I would advise not to get a 24" Nimbus. I did some wee 3" hops and it bent the hub. (was that just a freak accident?)

Thats crazy. I always wondered the quality of those. Has anyone else had that problem?

At least I think it was the hub. something is bent and the pedal on one side is now at a weird angle. It could be the crank arm, but I can’t see how that could have happend, and I know it’s not the pedals. I’ve tried two different sets, both of which work on my other uni.