Help!! pedal stuck!

hi! im begging for advice here, im trying to change my cranks but i cant get the pedal off the old crank, having serious trouble - itd be ok if i cud ride one footed, but i cant! anyone got any suggestions??

Are you twisting it in the right direction? Left-hand pedals are reverse-threaded, so you twist clockwise to loosen them. What I do is straddle the unicycle wheel and sit on it (with the seat dropped behind); from that vantage point you can just remove both pedals in “the same” way (pushing the pedal wrench away from you).

If you’ve already removed the crank, it will be hard to remove the pedal because you have no leverage. You might want to stick the crank back on the unicycle so you can loosen the pedal. Or else stick the crank in a vise.

for me to get a crank off, i don’t straddle it, but i hold it upright against a wall and stick my foot under the wheel so it can’t move. then i just let go of the seat post and let it fall so i don’t have to hold onto it. then i twist away!. also make sure you’re not rounding off the nut.

i think it’s safe to assume that sawing will NEVER have to come into play when removing a pedal

try spraying WD-40 around it and letting it soak for a while before attemping.

use a pedal wrench, or another long wrench long enough to provide enough leverage (a pedal wrench is a cheap nice to have tool)

(and make sure you grease the threads this time before putting the new pedal on the crank, it will prevent the seizing you have encountered)

oops. i’m SUCH an idiot. :wink: i was thinking about my seatpost. heh.

thanks for the twisting point… i may have been making things much worse for myself… id convinced myslef it had to go anti-clockwise to loosen, but as its the left pedal im goin to have to try clockwise now!! also i tried getting it off before taking the crank off, but one of the guys i asked for help decided it wud work better if the crank was off because the uni was getting in the way… put the new crank on now though… so i have a pedal-less uni…! o well, will keep trying!! (the right way this time…!)