HELP! pain with sif

I’ve been trying to learn how to hop seat in front and when I go up stairs, the seat is pushing up against my upper leg and giving me a bruise the size of my fist. When i try to push it out farther, I don’t have enough leverage in my arm to pull the unicycle up. help me!

Hold the seat closer to the back, so when you pull up, the seat tilts forward and away from you.

Yeah^^ I generaly hold with the back of my hand about an inch in front of the bumper.

Also, Just ride SIF. Get so used to it that you dont need to hold it so close and up tight to your legs/pants/body.

When I first started SIF. I ripped a hole into my pants where the seat would rub up against, and then I would bruise in that spot too.

I dont anymore though. =p

its just practice… i got some really bad bruises there, for practice, i ride SIF and then just go as low as i can holding the seat in front…

now i can ride SIF pretty much all the time (albeit with some back aches…)

I ride seat out most of the time now. When I first started, my back used to ache like crazy and I would get huge sore red patches on my thighs. Now though, I don’t get the sore thighs or back, maybe it just takes awhile for your body to get used to it.

People say I have my saddle really low aswell.

Hope that helps,

Rock on!

I found that if I raised my seat, it would decrease my hopping height ever so slightly but take away the pain. I made a new grip on the side of my seat. I’ll make a new thread later with pictures.

actually i was thinking of making a grip on the side of my saddle… some pics would be great…

i raised my stepost abit, although it didnt decrease my hopping height at all lol… the back pains werent as bad… but i’m sure like Edd said that i’ll get used to it…

i’ll just keep practicing… the sore patches on my thighs dont happen any more…

I got the new thread up brendan, it’s under “new sif grip” in rsu.