Help!!! P.E C-Work

Hi i need to know what body type you think is best for unicycling…
1)ectomorph-slightly built person(long distance runner)
2)endomorph - sumo basically humm don’t think it’s that!
3)mesomorph-athlectic build (sprinter).
This is for school and i could really do with some reply’s.I would say that ectomorphs are best as most unicyclists seem to be them when they take their 661’s off!

I don’t think I can tell you what’s best… I’ve only tried one body type.:smiley:

I’m an ectomorph, and I agree that most unicyclists seem to be of that body type.

I don’t know if this will help, but on Universe 2, it gives the height and weight of the riders.

Name: Height: Weight:
Dan Heaton 5’7" 120lbs
Dylan Wallinger 6’3" 185lbs
Kris Holm 5’11" 150lbs
Jeff Groves 5’9" 170lbs
Ryan Atkins 5’10" 160lbs
Dan Doerksen Under 6’ over 150lbs (that’s what it really said!)

I’m 5’8" and I weigh about 150lbs, and I consider myself to be skinny, bordering on athletic. These guys for the most part are even smaller than I am, percentage-wise. That would put them in the ectomorph category.

I am an ectomorph to as the name would suggest .:smiley: I can see how a mesomorph would be stronger but they also have more weight to lift up. I firmly belive that height is mainly to do with technique not stength.+ the fact most sports only need one ball,unicycling needs 2!

What size balls do you suggest I purchase and where am I supposed to put them? Is size important or is it better to invest in good quality durable balls which can stand up to abuse? Would wearing a backpack while unicycling and carrying 2 balls in there be OK? Do they act as a counterbalance to stop me leaning too far forward or as padding should I fall backwards?

This could explain why I have reached a plateau in learning how to unicycle. Thank you so much for this crucial piece of information.


After riding with these in my bag for a few weeks i feel these are great for trials
and these amazing for muni

But if your doing tech north shore stuff maybe one of each may be in order…:smiley:

I would expect brain stem/inner ear qualities to matter more than body type, but the ectomorphs do seem to predominate at the top end. Could it be that unicyclists are often nerds and nerds tend to be ectomorphs? (No offense intended, some of my best friends are nerds/ectomorphs, etc.)

I can tell you from personal experience that when a novice endomorph unicyclist attempts a short flight of stairs, people stand clear.

Re: Help!!! P.E C-Work

What level are you Ben?

Tall, skinny people have an advantage for unicycling for two reasons:

  1. Taller people fall slower.

Here is an experiment - take a long pole and a short pole and stand them on end. Let go and time how long it takes for each to reach the ground. You’ll find that the taller pole changes it’s angle slower and takes longer to reach the ground. (Of course, when it hits it hits harder, but that’s another story.)

The physics behind this is the same as for pendulums. Long pendulums swing slower than short ones. If you’ve got basic algebra and physics it shouldn’t be too hard to prove this mathematically as part of your paper.

Taller people often have another advantage. Not only are their centers of gravity higher just because they are taller, but their centers of gravity are proportionally higher on their bodies too. Long spindly legs don’t weigh as much as torsos, so when you’re mostly leg your CG is higher in relation to your hight than when you are short and stubby legged. People who ride giraffes take advantage of this effect.

  1. The strength-to-weight ratio for ectomorphs tends to be higher than for endomorphs and mesomorphs. This is why elite climbers in cycling tend to be skinny guys. They can’t put out the sheer horsepower, but being so light has advantages in overcoming gravity. People with great vertical jumps tend to be kind of skinny.

So an ectomorph uses proportionally less energy to balance than a mesomorph or an endomorph.

If you couple the advantages of being slim - proportioally less power for balancing - with fast-twitch muscle fiber, fast nerves and a highly refined sense of equilibrium, you get a Kris Holms.

what do you mean by what level am I on?
I am low skill level if that’s what you mean as I do muni/trials but i can coast a few feet…
At school i am at g.c.s.e level what else could you mean…?
I am 5,10 in height so i am not that tall but i am not short either really…

Sorry, I meant school. I was trying to figure out what sort of help you needed. I don’t know what g.c.s.e means, but I think I probably hit the right level for an answer. Hope it was useful.