Help Our Unicycle Club!

About last summer one of my friends, David Korver, started a unicycling club in the small town of Orange City, IA. At first it only consisted of a few of his cousins and family members. I (Stephen Lawrensen - 14 years old) joined about 3 weeks ago. We Have been in the Orange City Tulip Festival parade and we are planning to perform in many more Parades also. We have many members of many ages.

As we have many more members joining we would appreciate donations for more equipment. Here are some pictures of us. We would be greatful for any type of donation.
(If you would like to donate please send donations via paypal to Thank you.


Wow, that is cool. Wish I could get a club going up here on the Mid North Coast. Me and another boy who lives up in grafton are the only unicyclists ive found. Not enough to start a club unfortunately.

No offence Patsandy100, but I am no boy… if you are talking about me that is…:wink:

O.o Really? GASP.

da da da…(evil) OH NO!

any way back to the point, i think a uni club would be the best thing ever, (sigh…)

+1 on that. :frowning:

It would be cool to be able to muck around and learn new tricks with someone else

1wheel thats what i want to do. I put a add in the AUS newsletter and I am convincing my Friend HUE to start riding. Hes practising on my crappy ebay uni atm. May just get a club going in the future :smiley:

cool, I’ll definately join, my friend comes over to ride to, but she isn’t crazy about unicycling, something must be wrong with her.


Anyone Want to help, Thanks

I’m impressed you guys got a club going in a town so small. Try busking on RAGBRAI, you might be able to get some money there. It’s not going close to OC this year, though.

Hey, i started up the victoria unicycle club, and what i did was i went to local bike stores and just asked around with some of the bigger uni companies for some donations or discounted unicycles. Since you just had a big Ad for your club you could probaly find a local bike shop to give you a few free uni’s in return you could send unicyclists who want their own uni to that local bike shop. This is how i worked it in Victoria, and it seemed to work really well, the bike shop just offers a 10% discount for all members for servicing and what not, and gave me 80 to 90% off the 10 club unicycles.

I also find it is good to have one bike shop that all unicyclists go to in town becasue that way you know that : 1 they are getting quality service (you can check out the store before hand) and 2 the bike shop knows who to contact if they don’t know what to do or where to order a part from (in my case me but in your case you) and finally the bike shop stops making stupid comments about the number of wheels and starts having major respect for the sport of unicycling and extreme unicycling!

hope this helps, its really tough running a club i know! but keep it up the sport needs clubs and people supporting the sport!

Thanks for the response.

That sounds really great. We always have a great time unicycling with our club, to bad you aren’t near us. Could you post some pics of your club?