help on unispins

try doing it SIF

what about hand position on the seat? i want to turn the uni counter-clockwise, but i’m not exactly sure where to have my hands

many people have different preferences. i myself have my left hand holding the back of the seat while my right hand is on the front of the seat. i spin the uni clockwise so if you try that you will be the opposite.

watch some videos of guys/girls doign unispins. watch wear there hands are. try out a few different positions and see what feels comfortable.

I do it like tomtrevor.

NO DONT! TRUST ME! it really hurts!!!

if you prefer to turn it counter clock-wise then put a shin pad reularly on your left leg and put a shin pad on hte back of your leg on your right leg and you will feel safe so you can do it!:slight_smile: and yea do it sif… its easier and if you prefer to turn it counter-clockwise like i do then put the uni backwards, put your left hand on the back bumper, and put your front hand in the middle of the front bumper so it is easy to spin. You do land on the cranks so don’t worry about pedal size.

i think you should go with me on this one… it hurts:)

thanks for the advice, it’s very helpful

Try doing the spin with just one hand, it is pretty cool.

Is it easier? :thinking:

Maybe one of your siblings got ahold of the super glue!:smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, its actually harder, until you get used to it, then it isnt as bad.

Hold the saddle out SIF, with just one hand on the top of the saddle on the middle. I hold it with my right hand having the fingers gripping the left side, from there, jump, and to do the spin, it is all in your wrist, then you leg go of the saddle and land like a suicide mount.