help on unispins

any tips on unispins other than just do it

Get real good at static hopping seat out. Then jump off the unicycle and spin it and land on the ground. Do this over and over until you get the take off down. Then start on the ground with the uni infront of you and spin it 180 and try and land on the pedals or cranks. Its called a 180 jup mount and is pretty easy. Once you have the take off and landing, go outside in the grass and do it or do it on the carpet inside. You maybe be phenomonal at static hopping seat out but it will only help you if you have your hands in the position you will have them when you spin it. Its also easier if you know how to idle with your hands in the spinning position.

i think unicycle2280 pretty much summed it up, but just another thought: get yourself some 661 4x4 pads so that when you miss it (which will happen) the pedal you miss wont go smashing through your shin.

I just got unispins this weekend. Basically just do it… its not as hard or dangerous as you’d think.

Watch a video that features unispins… find one where they hop the same foot as you. Then take note of where their hands are and the direction they spin.

Practice on flat grass.

I’d like to know how to do 360 unispins. Same hand position?

Hopping seat in front is a must. After that, just try a 180 unispin. At first, when you try them don’t try to land back on it, just try to get it around before you land on the ground. After that, when you try them bring your legs straight back in against the frame, do that and you end up on the cranks. And just keep trying. It took me about 30 min to land my 1st one on a 16" rim, after that I moved up to 20". Still haven’t landed it on my muni :wink:

So far, I’ve only gotten one foot on the cranks during a 360 unispin… Definately watch the videos of people doing them… except me, I finally figured out my hand position was REALLY bad, and was seriously hurting my right arm…

thx for the tips i think i’m gonna go out and try some really soon:)

i tryed and i got the 180 jump mount but i just cant seem to spin the unicycle fast enough

Man, trust me, that REALLY hurts!!!:frowning:

one tip that really helped me along is to remember that you’re the one that needs to jump, not your uni… keep the wheel on the ground while you spin the uni and you’ll have more “airtime” in which to get your feet back on the pedals.

I found trying the “spread eagle” thing like Xavier Collos does helps too… I just don’t get the sheer angles he gets doing it, I’m older and slower :wink:

thx for the tips

If you didn’t already know, you shan’t put any weight on the unicycle when you’re in the air. It will spin much easier.

i can do 180 unispins, but i cant get the 360 unispin…i cant seem to get my hands right. and i am not able to see how they should be by watching videos…can anyone explain how you position your hands for 360 spins?
do your hands actually leave the seat?

yestrerday i just did the 360 unispin mount!

My hand position on 360 is almost the same of the 180…
Unisteez… in a moment i think you stay with no hands on the seat… but you have to take it
working on unispin 360 now… already hoping

put shin guards on. They help tons.

big pedals don’t make a big difference. Your landing on the cranks.

I can imagine the big pedals! 1x1 foot! Then it’s impossible to miss! :slight_smile:

if I think i am going to mess up I usally mess up so don’t think bad thoughts just think that you will land it even if you cant

ohhh yes it does… it hurt so bad that it actually convinced me to get pads and im pretty cheap :sunglasses:

i’ve got a problem. i can’t jump off my unicycle to do a spin. whenever i jump, the uni just jump with me, i can’t seem to jump off my pedals…its weird…