Help on teaching somone how to hop

Iv been trying to teach my freind how to hop up things like curbs and stuff,and hes been practicing a lot,but i can never explain to him how to do it.I cant “teach” him how.
how can i help him?(Should he bend his knees,flex his ankles,etc.?)I know how myself,I just cant help him(besides telling him to practice).

I can’t help much but it’s important not to flex your ankles when you hop. It seems to me that hopping is done with the upper body. Best of luck!

For me it just felt natural from the beginning, so Í cant help you there.

I think flexing your ankles is a big part of hopping. But I suppose there are multiple ways to do it. But to coach someone, you really have to see what they’re doing to offer suggestions.

when i learn how to hop it felt about that same as hopping on a mtn. bike. with that in mind here’s some tips.

grip with your toes.
use primarily your knees and torso to lift with a good pull from your arm on the handle.

also a large tire/smaller wheel would make it easier to hop, so if he’s trying on like a 24 in torker, try borrowing a muni or something.

wait, so its harder to hop on a 24’’ torker then a say a MUNI? Man that sucks beacause I’m trying to learn how to hop on a 24" torker. Any help?


Have your friend get really comfortable with just hopping in one place. Have him hop for a while, till he can do it very easily. Then have him hop as high as he can, this will come almost naturally after probably a few wobbly tries. Then have him hop over a line or a crack (left right left right etc…) on the ground to help him figure out which side he is most comfortable with then have him try to jump as high and far to the side he likes.Then go for a curb or something small. This whole process should be done in less than an hour easily. I havent ever tought anyone how to hop, but if I did this is how I would do it.

I think a good tip to give learner hoppers is just to stand up before they do anything else. I know it seems obvious but some learners seem to try to hop wildly from a sort of riding position that just doesn’t work.