Help on Pedals?

I just don’t know alot about em.

I know… that sealed is better, and it doesn’t need maintainence as much. And I guess Magnesium is preffered over alluminum? I can only guess it’s lighter. Also the part that screws onto the crank can make a difference. Can anyone tell me what makes a good pedal?

I know this is just a, well… you know. But in chem we did a bunch of labs and I know that magnesium burns brighter than anything. And it’s really cool (not that I’m buying pedals to burn them) but does anyone know about that…?

What do you want the pedals for? Trials, muni, Coker, freestyle, just cruising around, hockey? The intended purpose is what determines what pedal is better.

Magnesium is lighter than aluminum. If weight is an issue then magnesium is better. However, magnesium is softer so the pedal body will get banged up more. So if strength and durability is more of an issue then aluminum is better.

There is no one answer for what is the best pedal.