help: on a few tricks

Ok I need help on a few tricks. here they are


1.wheel walk
2.leg around
3.crank flips

ok I have tried the first two but not the last one witch I have been meaning to try I just haven’t.

my opinions
1.I think it is I am not leaning back far enough because I will get about 5 ft and fall forwards
2.the crank keeps moving and messes me up
3.should I just use shaun’s crank flip videothing

that is my questions and I hope you can help me

1-Just keep thinking toe to heel, toe to heel and lean back a wee bit more than comfortable.
2-I think you are talking about mounting then wraping your leg around your seat. If I’m right then just stay straight up and let the uni move around by relaxing the ankle on the pedal. It will come with practice.
3-Ya use it. he made it too late when I was learning :roll_eyes: any ways when I do crankflips I have my forward foot about 20-30 degrees over level and then I just hop, push on the front foot and take my back foot off then my front foot then put my feet were they were. If you don’t understand what I said just say so and I’ll wright it up better:D

Yeah, i have been having trouble getting more than twelve steps on the wheel walk too, and Doc says that my shins don’t want to try crank flips anymore…

I hate to sound rude but I’m going to anyway. :slight_smile: this isn’t an “I need help” section, this is a articles and tutorials section. Threads like this would do better in RSU, and would probablly get more replys anyway.

i’m not talking about the mount. i can get the mount. I am talking about where you have did a little stand still and thjen you take you foot around like you do in the mount

That didn’t sound tyhat rude to me. i will start posting them in there becuse it would be better anyways. i just posted it in here becuse this is where I have always posted my questions and stuff like this

I think it’s alright to post on here beccause other people can benifet from advice given to him and his questions. And for the leg wrap thingy it will just come if you can do the mount. Just try and pull one out of the blue every now and then and you’ll get it.

sorry forrest but if in a topic like this you give good helps the thread can become a tutorial.
I learned a lot here with topics like this, and still learning.
And yes, i think here is like a help section. Some unicyclists around the world dont have another unicyclists near to talk about doubts on tricks.
This part of the forum is very good to take doubts out with the pros :slight_smile:
iam always here reading what they talk


the leg around i do like this
2. put my foots on cranks
3. leg around with the front foot

i take off my front foot from the pedal leting the back foot
try to do the leg around very very close to the seat.
more close more fast more legs arounds

thats why i do

when doing the leg wraps I think it’s best (and easiest) to keep one foot on the crank, with weight directly on top of the axle, at all times. then you can move the other foot around the seat and put it on the opposite crank/above the axle, and repeat.

this might be the same thing that picado said…but it’s good advice.

That what i was doing. i landed one today and think i can keep going. Now my goal is two times around

when u wheel walk where should ur wate be ?

I still need help with wheel walks and crank flips. I haven’t tried them much but I have tried wheel walk a good bit and I haven’t tried crank flips but a few time. Would it be good to learn no footers to help with crank flips because the problem is I can’t get my feet off the pedals. I am using my DX with pinned pedals, should i get my lx with plastic pedals and 125 cranks to learn them on. That is all I got for now, but i will probably come up with some more.

i kinda like metal pedals for crankflips. This is because they don’t spin so fast and I think it looks better probaly than just a blur of pedals. They kinda suck for triple flips but double they’re ok. What are you having trouble doing with crankflips? As for wheel walk I know you are gonna hear this a bit but really just lean back just barley out of your “comfort zone” and think toe to heel.

I am havingtrouble getting my feet off so i can’t even start to flip them. with the wheel walk i have tried the leaning beck think but it hasn’t worked and I have tried the toe to heel thing also. I am just going to have to practice it.

Do you still have stock dx pedals on? If you do file the pins way down like to 1/3 of what they were. Also are you having trouble getting both feet off? If you had trouble like me your probaly doing halfassed one foot revs. When you push on the front crankas soon as you made like a 1/4 revoulution just flick to the side(with both feet) and bring your feet back to were they were as fast as you can.

It’s both feet

hey, im learning to wheel walk as well, what i do is find a long length of fence, or wall or something, and for a long time i practice on that. then, when i get tired of that i go find a lamppost or something with a sidewalk, and i just go for it and i get a little better each time, ive got about 20 feet once. Also, while learning this, raise the seat so that when you mount, your leg is all strait when the pedal is at its lowest, since you arent pedaling it wont matter! hope it helps, im still workin with it and it sure seems to be working.