HELP NOW!!! WHAT HUB IS BETTER!!! hurry plz!!!

i was just writing a letter to darren and i was looking at it price list cuz i am buying a new hub today… THEN i saw there is different hub and crank sets for the same price!!! so what is better the “Kris Holms Hub and cranks” or the “Kris Holm/onza hub and cranks”??? I WANT TO SEND IT TODAY SO PLEASE HELP!!! thank you!!!

PS i like to ride street

I have never rode the KH hub but I have the hub on the Onza 05…Its a KH/Onza hub. I like it alot. I have only took it off 4 foot drops but anyways I guess im not much help.


And on the issue of hurting cranks…they don’t have too much of a q factor(how much they stick out) I have hit them a few times on failed crankflips but overall i like them.


oh i am ordering the Kris Holm/onza hub and cranks…

Kris Holm\Onza
-Hub: Kris Holm Onza (36 spline), CrMo spindle, aluminum hub
-Crank: Kris Holm Onza (140mm) , CrMo tubular

As for the regular Kris Holm hub, i dont know if there is really a difference =\ so hopefully can give the info. on those ones (if there is any cause i have a hunch that they are identical)

I think the KH/onza are stronger than the KH, I have the KH/Onza cranks and they have never let me down…EVER

now what size?? the 140mm or the 125mm??? i think i am going to get the 140mm… but what is better for street/trials??

i dont know but you could go on a uni site and find a good street uni then find the crank lenght

i would go with the 140s, thats what me and my friends ride on, and they have been good, if i lean to far in ill hit them on the ground but that doesnt happen too much

If I remember right the kh/onza are simply the newer generation of regular kh.

THANK YOU!!! i am getting the Kris Holm/onza hub and cranks 140mm i love the support. lol

Glad to of helped =p how long will it take for the shipment?

welll i live like 2 hours drive from bedford so it will take like 3 days to mail it there and 3 days to get back… and i dont know how busy he is now… prolly take 3 days for him to install it so i would think i will get it back in 2 weeks.

the kh cranks and the kh/onza cranks are the exact same. theres no difference at all. and for street i would have recomended 125s for better speed…your gonna be a turtle on those 140s.