Help New To Uni

hello to everyone in the uni community. i want to start to uni, but i cant decide which uni to get. i am around 230 lbs and just want a uni to ride on the street and able to handle a drop off a curb with my weight. i been looking into the torker lx 24, is it strong enough to handle my weight? if you have any other unis in mind my budget is limited to about 150 dollars.

The lx is considered a good beginner unicycle, it won’t hold up to big drops but should handle curbs with no problem. The durability of your unicycle depends a lot on your technique so concentrating on that will help it last longer. The torker DX is bombprof, i don’t know if you’d be able to get one secondhand for 150 bucks though.

With a DX, you could drop a bomb onto it and it would still stand

Hawo ocam, Let me be the 1st to welcome you to the forums with open arms and mighty big hugs.

If you require assistance/help. Don’t hesitate/feel free to ask or PM me as i will always be here to help you with your unicycling problems to the best of my knowledge. By the way you can call me Harry if you want. But again, welcome to the forums.

So have fun, enjoy, relax and welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling.

:smiley: Your new friend. :smiley:
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The Torker DX is an absolute indestructible machine. So is the Nimbus ISIS. But these can be purchased when you get more $$$

But the Torker LX is an awesome machine too also. I have had a DX before, so i should know about how indestructible it is if you ever consider getting one. :smiley:

Hence “bomb” and “proof” … it withstands bombs?

But is it seriously more indestructible then the Nimbus?

is there a difference in the different model years of the torker lx? like is the 2008 one better?

Nimbus is a very strong machine all Trial uni’s are built pretty strong.

The LX is a great learner, but at your weight I you’ll break the cranks and/or hub going off a lot of curbs on it (or any other learner uni). Stronger ones of both are available, but those would prob break as well eventually. If you get a LX, I’d not do lots of curbs untill you can get something w/ a splined hub, or be prepared to replace cranks/hubs every few months.

If you want the Nimbus to be bombproof you will need to upgrade the cranks. The Torker is super strong, but also heavy.

You could get a 24", it’d make learning a bit longer, but it’d be more multipurpose. I’d get the Torker off e-bay. Nimbus Muni (24").

square drive unis are the best start

They are strong enough, half the price, and the cranks are 1/5 the cost. Plus you can move your square cranks around to larger wheels later.

I bought a Torker ax 29 at this place a while back. It came in a week, no trouble. I think they have the best price if you factor in the free shipping.

Both the ax or lx would make an excellent starter uni. You aren’t going to break them at 230 just rolling down a curb IMHO.

If you have the extra 50 $, an ax is worth it over an lx to get a much lighter alum frame and stainless spokes. Otherwise, they are more or less the same.

For a 20, the seat isn’t so bad because you aren’t going as far between breaks.

The one really unfortunate trait that these Torkers have is a rare seat bolt pattern. If you want to put a KH seat on, you have to get a new post with a standard 4 bolt pattern.

The Torker ax seatpost is listed as 26.8 mm. I found that a KH seatpost 27.3 mm fit in the ax perfectly.

Whatever you do, don’t get the Torker cx. They are a lot lamer to save almost no $.

I wasn’t trying to be disagreeable

Skil posted while I was writing.

Maybe you might break a square hub going off a curb. I have my doubts, but I’m only 185.

No one questions the superiority of splined gear if you want to jump, and spend above 300 $.

I would say an lx or ax is an excellent choice. Maybe next year you will have learned all the basics, and want a trials or muni. Buy one then. Even if your square uni hub breaks (possible but unlikely if you don’t hop much), new square hub parts are cheap.

Basically, I would say a splined hub is overkill on a starter 20, or any street only commuter. It’s always nice to buy fine gear if you can afford it. The KH’s are worth every penny. But I would get a AX if I was you. They are almost free. Less then the cost of 2 sets of splined cranks.

is the lx a good freestyle uni?

Nah, i think the LX is more of a learners machine then a freestyle unicycle my friend. :smiley:

thanks Harry

I am also re-learning to ride a unicycle and I weigh 240 pounds. I bought the Torker LX26. I think learning on a smaller wheel is easier but I wanted the bigger wheel and I am improving. I can go about 100 yards before by legs get tired and I have to quit.
In my opinion, any Torker LX will do you fine.

Thanks, Tim:)

Welcome back and congratulations on the 100 yds. :slight_smile:

A LX could last for years if you rarely rode off curbs, but I bet if you go off several or more every ride, I bet stuff will start to break on a regular basis (cotterless cranks and hubs are pretty cheap though).

Hopping is worse. Rolling drops, as well as a bigger wheel distribute the stress a bit better. I know of people of average weight who broke cotterless cranks just from riding up really steep hills, and never off of anything.

Stronger hub & cranks if you break the stock ones.


:thinking: I don’t follow.

IMO a 20" LX would make a decent freestyle uni. Stronger, shorter cranks and a more comfortable seat would be good modifications like these and this.