Help needed!!

Hiya all…

i’m a beginner unicyclist living in Singapore…
picked up unicycling few months ago thru our juggling club…
i’ve wanted to get a personal unicycle but couldn’t find a decent one here…so i tried and wanted to order the torker unistar(stealth)…but then i found out the delivery for it would be 106usd!!! the unicycle only cost 89 bucks…
anyone got any suggestion as to how i can get the uni without paying such a large delivery charge??



Here’s the e-mail address for the US Torker distributer- perhaps they can direct you to a closer source.

The UniStar is a good value, but suffers for lack of crown and high q-factor cranks.

Good luck!


Torker USA

Here is the Torker USA site you might try e-mailing them too.

Since they’re made in China you would think you could get one without it crossing the Pacific twice.

Off topic: Check out the T-Drive Crank Set splined hub/crank for their BMX, if they put that on a uni hub and flat crowned frame…



You’re not the only one having to pay heaps on shipping from America. It’s $140US to ship a unicycle to Australia. If you don’t have any luck with those other suggestions, you may want to have a look at They are a shop in Melbourne, Australia. They don’t sell Torkers but it’s probably worth having a look at their range.

Good luck,
Andrew Carter

Perhaps you could buy a Miyata directly from Japan.

Re: Try


That’s if you can stand the horrific and somewhat non-functional website…

Phil, just me

What’s wrong with it? It’s a big improvement from the old website.