help needed

i need help bad…

first:like my side hop is about 1 foot high but my friends can both hop like
2 1/2 feet and it sucks but is there any way to hop higher or any workouts for it?

second:when i try and do a crankflip i can only get half a rev. what am i doing wrong like ill ride hop and push hard on front pedal and still half rev?

third:my prehops SUCK!!! idk why i hop i dont push down bounce then i reach the same level at my side hop

ps…thanks for the help guys and good luck with your riding

  1. Practice different ways of tucking, like try leaning forward, maybe backwards for you, try all kinds of different positioning of the pedals and stuff like that.

  2. Crankflips take alot of time to learn ussually. Be paitent. Instead of a direct push down on the cranks, try a ‘down and out’ method. Kick your foot down and fling it out to the side, kinda like a kickflip on a skateboard.

3.Take a big hop before, landing pushing hard with your feet and on your seat very hard, that should get you all the compression that you need.

Your welcome.

Cool im at school right now but when I get out ill try it

You bring up a good point. Maybe I will go out and make a unicycle warm up exercise video ;).

Flips take a bit of time. Just remember if you are getting close, that is the day to put in extra practice. If you are only getting half flips but the unicycle is staying under you try jumping a little higher this will give the cranks more time to spin. What should help you the most to spin faster is not kicking harder its pulling up more on the handle. The more you pull against your kick the more force you are gonna get. You can kick with all of your strength, but if you are not pulling against your kick you will loose all of that potential energy.

Good point, i just thought about it and it really does make more sense that pulling the handle instead of kicking harder would be more stable, and would flip faster. Im getting dangerously close to double flips, landing with 1 1/2 feet sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

cool thanks for the advice