Help needed, new unicyclist.

I’ve only been unicycling for about 2 months and have already put quite a bit of wear on my uni’s tire. Its a Gravity (off ebay) 26" unicycle with a 26x1.75 tire. The stock tire has served me well for learning on pavement but lacks grip for the dirt trails I would like to ride. Any suggestions as to where I could find a tire with decent treads and that size?

That’s a standard mountain bike tire size. You can get a bigger one that will be a bit nicer on trails. I would probably not get anything smaller than 26x2.125. There are a lot of tires available but you might want to check this thread for some of the popular options.

Keep in mind that your uni isn’t nearly as bombproof as a real MUni. Your rim is probably pretty narrow, and so you won’t want to put a 3" tire on it (it will fold with lower pressure), but you might do well with a 2.3-2.5.

i had a unicycle like this before, you need a better unicycle, not a better tyre (N)

Be sure your frame has room for a bigger (fatter) tire.

Thanks for the info. There is about an inch on each side of the current tire, that should be enough.
Is there a specific reason i need a new uni? I replaced the seat with a Nimbus gel seat and I rode about 2 miles on it today. I do intend on getting a new uni in the future but I’m pretty happy with the Gravity now.