help needed for building a Giraffe

After I joined the juggling club and learned to ride the unicycle, we made our
unicycles from parts of old bicycles and metal. Now we are making a Giraffe,
initially we want to make one wich is only 50 cm higher. After some discussion
with others rose the question whether you should do something to keep the chain
on tension, and if so, how you could do it.

My question is, has somebody experience with building a Giraffe, and can give us
some advice? We heard for example that bought Giraffes have two chains. Is this
always the case? Is it satisfactory for our Giraffe if we build it with one
chain? Won’t we have problems with rocking forwards and backwards in that case?

Thank you very much for your advice.


Silvia de Beer JIVE University of Manchester, NRAL, Jodrell Bank Macclesfield
SK11 9PL, UK. email : tel : Lower Withington 01477 - 571321