Help! Need to know if a KH saddle can be put on a Torker LX 24"!

I’ve been riding for a few weeks now, and I really want a new seat! Can I just buy a KH saddle and put it right onto my torker LX? Thanks for the help!

No. You will need a different seat post. The Torker seat is pretty awful once you can stay on the unicycle. I remember my first ride that lasted 1 mile. It was on a Torker lx 20". I thought I was going to die. I’m sure someone will tell you which seat post to get that will fit the Torker. It’s worth the upgrade.

Any of the standard 25.4mm posts will work.

Here is an inexpensive example

It doesn’t even look like UDC is carrying seat-posts with the Miata/LX style brackets anymore.


Thank you guys for the help! I don’t really know much about unicycling yet, so this helped a lot.:smiley:

Any of the standard 25.4mm posts will work.

Sorry, I just wanted to double check this before I go and buy a post:
so a 25.4mm post would fit in my lx? I couldn’t find the specs anywhere :thinking:

yea it definitely will

yup. I am quite sure that the seatpost size on the LXs are 25.4mm.

If you want to be extra sure you could pull the seatpost out of the frame and measure it. 25.4mm = one inch.

Big help!

Thanks again!:smiley:

Good to know! If I don’t get a 24" Nimbus/KH I’m considering a seat for my Torker.

I got cycling shorts for riding to work on my LX. I recently got a Kris Holm 29" and find that it is more comfortable and less chaffing wearing just about anything (jeans/shorts/cargo pants/etc.) than bike pants on the Torker seat.

Hope they’ve improved but the Torker seats were terrible. Replaced the seat on a loaner LX, 25.4 seat post maybe 18 months or more ago

Don’t the LXs come with essentially what used to be a Miyata seat? When those seats came out, they were absolutely space-age and a huge improvement over anything else! All the other seats on the not-market (you couldn’t really call it a market then) would slowly destroy themselves every time they got dropped. The old Miyata saddles were the height of unicycle sophistication all through the 80s and 90s.

Kids this days… :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that when functioning genitalia was optional? :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaa that’s interesting…

they are total death tho. worst saddle ever now. actually, the cx saddle is probably worse.

I thought it still was.

The Torker CX saddle is way better than the Viscount, the Savage, or any number of the cheap saddles that came on cheap unicycles up until 10 years ago. And the LX is better than that.

I think the KH saddle is the single best piece of uni equipment innovation in the past 10 years.

I have an Torker ax29, that has the same seat as an lx

I totally agree that the KH free ride, and KH trials seats are better. But it’s not night and day better.

A KH seat on a KH tube will fit into an ax easily, yet I am a lazy guy, and the Torker seat isn’t that bad. If I was going to ride the ax 29 for hours, I would spend a few minutes to swap in the better seat- seat post from a KH. . Yet I never do that. The stock seat is ok, just not as great as a free ride, and I would rather go ride now than fuss with the swapping seat post chore.

I guess really I should buy a free ride seat for the 29, but on longer rides I take the 36, it has a free ride seat.

For moderate distance riding, the Torker ax-lx seat is fine. Not as good as KH, but not bad. Some of the uni’s had really bad seats, but the lx-ax seat is ok.