Help my friend please!

Hi, my friend and I are Canadian and live in quebec, my friend ordered a koxx-one from division 8, but it does 2 mounth and he still doesnt have his koxx-one, so he could stop the deal with division8, and buy one from regenade juggling, but we have three questions:
-How many $ it will cost with the shipping pay etc. “the total”
-Do we need to pay first? Or pay after we received the unicycle
-How much time will it take to have the unicycle?? “No bullshit like div8 did plz”

please calrify what you mean about division 8, they didn’t send the uni? call them, email them, get in touch with them somehow. you should pay first, it varies depending on distance and what they feel like adding to it for handling.

:thinking: I’m confused

Has Division8 accepted money form you yet, or sent out the uni?

Two months is a long time for nothing to happen.

div8 needed to ordered koxx-one from france, it does 2 months they always say: you should have your unicycle in a week “one week later” my friend still doesnt have unicycle, call div8 and say again “you should received it in a week” one week later… blablablabla and now it do 2 mounths…

Jerrick: div8 said that we doesnt need to pay before, we pay after we received the unicycle.

this doesn’t make too much sense. If you didn’t pay then what’s the obligation? Simply call and cancel your order if you don’t want to wait any longer. Personally, I’m curious why they would setup this sort of transaction in the first place as it leaves them open to being ripped off. You may want to check with them and make sure everything is clear between you and them because if its as clear as you are to the forum I can see where there may be some confusion.

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Why not just E-Mail and cancel?
Is your friend stuck on French products? Why not order from Bedford?

With the exchange rates how they are, expect to not pay so much if you buy from Renegade.

yeah I remember you :stuck_out_tongue: Bedford doesnt sell koxx one, and my friend only want an “$%/?&*” koxx one devil.

I know Bedford doesn’t sell Koxx-One, I was implying it would be way easier and most likely cheaper to buy a KH from Bedford than to go through the trouble buying a Koxx-One.

trialsin is another good source for Koxx unicycles, i suggest buying from them.

Ordering stuff from overseas is screwy at times

I ordered an Onza T vee 20" trials bike from Bike Dock in the UK, cause I didn’t want to pay 1200 $ for a higher end model from a US dealer. I waited two months, and then it showed up smashed ! Like a dinosaur had ate half the box and parts were missing. The delivery person suggested I send it back !, so I did. Then it got lost in shipping . From the time they hit my card, to the time I finally got my money back was almost 6 months ! I did get all my money back though, and they refunded the 200 ish $ shipping charge. For a while there I was wondering if I would lose some real cash.
On the bright side, while I was waiting forever for the trials bike, I got into uni. I felt so bad when I saw the smashed Onza, I ordered a KH 24 and got it in a few days !:slight_smile:

So? no one know if we need to pay first??
EDIT to Borgschulze: my friend want a fucking koxx one, he hate KH “my friend are stupid”

I’m pretty sure you pay renegade first.

Trialsin never responds to my e-mails anymore. I went to him first to order my wheelset, because I’ve used him before, and he never returned my e-mail. So, I bought one from Reneagde. Renagade is great, IMO.

Yes, you pay Renegade first.

Same happened to me but eventually he got back to me and said my email automatically went to his spam folder so he never saw it. It would be safer to just call.

trialsin switched over to a new owner:

Unless you want to pay another 1-200 dollars on border fees you are still best off buying from Division8. I know it can be a pain (I had to wait forever for my cranks from them) but you don’t have too much choice if you want to get a K1 uni in Canada, which is another reason why alot of people buy KH or other uni’s.

It really isn’t worth all the money and the hassle to get Koxx-one unicycles in Canada, there is no advantage.

The problem with Division8 is that they don’t keep K1 unis in stock, they only order a few at a time and otherwise they have to order them from france with all of their other stuff. When I was talking to them, I got the feeling too that the people who export all the unicycle parts to North America are really slow and don’t seem to have any kind of schedule, they just send it when they feel like it. Infact if you try and order something that Renegade Juggling or trialsin doesn’t have in stock you are likely to have the same problems with them too. I had the same problem with Renegade. It took me almost 6 months to get a set of cranks from them.

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And your friend ‘is’ stupid.
And without a uni.