Help, my Dbrake is rubbing my spokes...

I’m building up my own version of an Oracle 36. I’m using a non disc, superwide ISIS hub, and had plans of an external rotor setup on it.

However, when I flip the D brake around for external setup, the spokes rub on it. I’ve already scratched some of the spokes and the D brake (dammit!).

Is filing the only option here?



But after looking at some past threads, I see no other way. I’m thinking I’ll take a chainsaw file, and file a shallow groove in the D brake.

Hopefully it won’t weaken it too much, though at this point, I’m more concerned about the spokes that rubbed on it when I tried to bolt it on…

I think grinding it might be the only solution, but I don’t know if I would put a groove in it. Maybe more of a depression that blends seamlessly with the original surface. A groove ground into the metal could act as a stress riser, and cause it to crack at that point.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just take the whole thing to a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface, and take the whole side down a little. How much do you need to remove?

Dammit, too late. I already have a shallow groove in it. I only needed to file about 1/32" into it, and now everything clears. Sorry for the bad pics. I did round out the corners a bit more after this.

Man, I’m not cut out for this stuff. I used to like building unicycles :(.

Better pictures after rounding corners a bit and some sanding…

That looks nicely rounded. Time will tell, but it doesn’t look suspect to me. When you said groove I thought of a line filed into the aluminum with the edge of a file. That kind of groove would cause me some concern. Also, the location is not in the part that gets the most stress. In fact isn’t this the side that gets mounted flush to the frame? If so, it should be just fine.

Yeah it’s flush to the frame. I was using a round rat-tail file.

Thanks Jtrops. My mind is at ease!

The spokes clear nicely, and my wheel is tensioned and trued quite nicely.

Whoo, crisis #3 averted.

I looked at my frame today, and noticed a rub spot on the weld of the right frame leg. I thought my spokes were rubbing on my frame as well. Looking through the forums though, I’ve not noticed any other issues with this.

So, upon closer inspection, I looked and saw that the spokes are all clearing all the way around. So then I took the D brake off like when I was filing on it, leaving the other side clamped in. This put the spokes considerably closer to that frame leg as well.

But when I pulled the frame, I noticed that to get it on and off the wheel, it does slightly rub the spokes before ‘clipping’ onto the bearings. I sharpied the spot where it was rubbing, and put the frame on the wheel again. Then I took it back off, and noticed it had rubbed some of the sharpie off. Bingo!

So, since it’s just from taking the frame on and off, I’m not going to worry about it. I could file it, but I don’t think should cause enough spoke wear to worry about.

The only thing, is that at higher speed, I can feel a bit of pulsation coming down the frame, but I think that may be coming from the bearings or the big wheel size or something. At lower speed, it isn’t noticeable, and I doubt I’ll notice it when I mount the tire/cranks/seat/seatpost/brake/pedals.