Help Mounting.

So I just got my Uni today, I’ve been practicing for about 6 hours now in my garage (I don’t want my nieghbors to see me, lol) I don’t have any problems moving forward (other then the lack of room in my garage, but I feel pretty confident, I feel like a could ride pretty far.) or mounting with the assistance of a wall, but I’ve only managed to mount on my own a few times. I looked at the mounting videos on this web site, but they really just confused me. Any one have any tips that could help my learn to mount?

Here you go my friend and i hope this helped you in someway. :smiley: :smiley:

Also welcome to the forums friend. If you need any help with unicycling. Feel free to ask me or any of the kind people on this forum. As we were once new to unicycling as well, one way or another. :smiley: :smiley:

Take care

I am still learning how to free mount. You basically just have to get out there and do it over and over and over…etc. The more you do it, the better you get. Just keep at it and before you know it, you will be free mounting in no time.

One trick that helped me get more comfortable freemounting my 24 and figuring out what I was doing wrong was to mount in the grass at the top of a hill. Nothing too steep just a nice incline to get me going.

I was able to learn a lot about my technique and transfer that over to freemounting on pavement.

I got a lot of advice on this forum. The best advice came after I had posted exactly what I was able to do and had tried to do. Perhaps if you give more specifics the freemounting doctors could help you too. :slight_smile:

this might be bad advice because i’m pretty new myself, and still wobbly at freemounting, but…

when i was reading lots of pages about freemounting, one thing that threw me off is that when describing the horizontal mount (like the one linked in hazmat’s post), they often say “now, step up onto the forward pedal”. at least when i was starting, this is not really a step, but a jump. “step” implied to me that i would be putting a lot more weight onto the rear pedal than i should. to me, it is more of a controlled jump.

when i was learning i was switching between a 24" and a 20". i read some tips about mounting larger unicycles that also helped me develop a sketchy but serviceable mount on the 24", which later transferred to mounting the 20". the advice was to start with the rear pedal a little lower than horizontal (maybe even 45degrees lower). then roll the unicycle forward slightly, which will cause the rear pedal to raise. the upward force on the rear pedal allows you put more of your weight on it as you step onto the front pedal.

as you learn to control your weight distribution (more springing with the foot on the ground, and less stepping with the foot on the rear pedal) you can cut down the amount of rolling until it develops into a static mount.

hope my ramblings have been useful.


I will post another session in my journal tomorrow about my mounting session today, so go for a read then, but one thing i will say is when i first started i had my hand on the seat… Today i tried with no hand on the seat while getting up, and lets just say… I CAN FREEMOUNT:D (not all the time, but i’m getting there).

I am new myself, but can successfully free mount most of the time. I started in my driveway, which has a slight downhill slope.

  1. I hold the front edge of the seat with my left hand
  2. polition the right pedal at about 7 o’clock
  3. place my right foot on the pedal while placing my butt on the seat
  4. release my grip on the saddle while placing my left foot on the pedal and pedal away.

I also try to get my body in an upright, not slouched, position as soon as possible.

Hope this helps,