Help me!!!

A couple of my more experienced unicycling friends trashed my 24" torker unistar recently. It is definitely time for a new unicycle but I don’t even know where to start looking. All I know is that i want a trials/muni cycle but I don’t know what brand, tire size, crank size, or where to buy it. My price range is around $250 or less and my inseem is about 30 inches give or take 3. I don’t need anything too heavy duty but I do want something that will last because I learn really fast. If anyone can help give me an idea of what to get that would be great.

What kind of Torker? TX, CX, LX, DX?

You want something splined. If you want to do mostly trials or street, you want a trilas uni (19"), if you mostly want to do Muni, you prob want a 24" wheel.

The trials is slower and doesn’t roll over bumps as well, and a Muni is harder to do most tricks or trials on.

Most use 130 - 140 mm. cranks for trials/street and 150 ish mm for Muni. shorter cranks will allow you to ride faster, whereas longer cranks give you more controll and torque for going up/down steep hills.

The best of these you can get is a KH at $500-550, but the cheapest you can get is a Torker DX off e-bay. The Nimbus Trials(1, 2, 3, 4)/Munis are very good, but if you want them to last upgrade to the KH the cranks, making it about $300.

A trials uni will only fit a trials tire, but a Muni will fit any tire up to 3" (a DX won’t fit a 3" Gazz though), making it more versatile.

That’s a pretty wide margin of error:p

Maybe your experienced friends will pitch in to help pay for your new unicycle.

A Torker DX should fit your price if you shop around a bit.


Sounds almost like they should buy you a new one! I would look into a torker dx…I had one they are pretty nice, I rode one with a yuni frame for over a year it was pretty strong and got the job done!

I am not too good at measuring so sorry for the 3 extra inches I would say 30" though;) . and thanks for the help I think I might go for the nimbus with the kh upgrade.