help me

you no what would be awesome if you awesome guys out there sent like any money you can spare to 10709 lupin way la mesa CA 91941, i’m saving up for a new uni but my dad riped my off and took all my money cuz he said i owed him but i dont and he kept saying that until he took all my money, than i worked for him at these condos he’s building and i worked off the $80 that he said i owed him but i worked double than what i was supose to but he said i hadn’t paid him off…so please send my some loose change

matt houska:)

no offense man but if your dad is like that all the time hes an…

no wait i dont want to get perma banned

i agree

ya he is a ******** but he’s nice some times

yes we are awesome but…
no… i don’t think people will send you money
when i feel generous i will donate to other charities
bad luck;)

This thread is a request for money from someone who registered with the community only last month, and shows only 7 posts made, including the request for money.

The user profile is lacking in detail and very generic.

Make your own decisions on whether to donate. I won’t be.

I wont donate, and i dont have money to donate with lol, just get a part-time job =P

i would donate but im saving up for a kh muni also BUSKING UPPDATE $31 brings my total to a grand $279 yeah

its ok

hey its o.k. it was worth a shot. i’m going to hide half off my money from him so he cant take it.

this is fake!! i know it!!

Is that off of Nabal Dr.??


Learn the English language, learn to type, and learn to spell. Then, learn where Just Conversation is when you want to panhandle for money like a common bum. Your threads, otherwise, will learn where the trash receptacle is.

Self-supporting forum users I call on you to ignore this thread and let it die the swift death that it so clearly deserves.

ya i cant spare money theres always things i can buy tell ur mom ur dad stle ur money

Yes, but before we let it die, someone has to point out (again) the incredibly obvious – kids shouldn’t post their full name and address on an Internet forum.

honest advice.

Find some business’s close to your house, go inside and ask the proffesionals inside if they would be interested in scheduling a car wash and wax with you. Show up later with a wagon, two buckets of water, some wax and towels and wash their car. Do a great job, charge 10 bucks.

If the first person is happy with it you will soon be too busy for a real job. Or detail cars, or do oil changes. All of these are good money for the time invested with very low overhead. You are welcome.

better yet offer to wear a sandwich board while unicycling to avertise insert name of bisuness and get money for that i did a few weeks ago

get a job and hide half the money

Or you could search on google and learn how to rob banks << always a useful life skill

this is by far the most retared thread in existance on this forum(correct me with evidence if im wrong) noone is going to send you money because of your sob story. if your dad took your money tell your mom…if she doesnt do anything what makes you think we will. get a job, put your money in the bank and get a uni. its really very simple.


p.s. sorry to come off as an a** but thats just how i feel after reading this. we are all acctually very nice people.

i think if he really needed money he would earn it himself i think its a scam

so are you for him por against him…make up your mind?

aganst and i wish u wouldnt jump all over every post i make