Help Me With High Hoping Step By Step Only

hey i need to learn to jump high seat out or in doesnt matter as long as i jump higher please help i would like a step by step

so yea

Step 1: Learn how to hop SIF
Step 2: Stop making stupid threads. You just made one exactly like this.
Step 3: Practice.

yea i no what i have to do but i dont no how yea “practice u say” but that doesnt help how can i practice something i dont no evan how to do it… i want to no about the seat in front and all those…

I know you dont like links but watch this
And read this

Also, seriusly use the seach button. I found a ton of stuff in 2 seconds.

see those links are good that dirict you direstly to them(if that makes any sense) but yea and this will sound stupid but i noticed the shin guards i cant find anywhere to buy them i checked all over they only have shin protecters that only guard the front so yea plus do the glove help

(i haveent dont anything like this before just mainly rideing around):smiley:

again thanks for the help i will try it

i just ust some fabric wraparound pad type ones i think you can find them in any good sports store