Help me with a name for Kingston Uni Club.

Ok, I am starting a unicycling club in Kingston, Ontario. I need two things. I need you to help me with a name for the club. Pick from the list below and I also need the names of anyone in Kingston, Ontario that you know who Uni Thanks.

Obvious…Kingston and Area Unicycle Club. KAAUC
First Capital One Wheelers. FCOW
Limestone City One Wheelers. LCOW
Kingston One Wheelers. KOW
First Capital Unicyclists. FCU
First Capital Unicycle Union. FCUU
Kingston Unicycle Union Local #1. KUUL #1

the kow is pretty cool.

Thanks for your input, it seems no one else cares. Of course, why should they, it doesn’t effect them.

:smiley: king unicyclists

First Capital Unicycle Klub

I like Kingston Uni Club just fine.

something that involves innitials FU

theirs a club at my school.
one kid wanted to us to be called “Pleasant Hill Unicycling Club”
the rest of us didn’t think the teachers would like it very much

cranky people

Powerfully Hardcore Unicycle Club

The Killa Kingston Klub. KKK


Oh wait… that’s the same as the Krazy Kilmore Krew.

But seriously, I think that Kingston Uni Club is fine.


I like that one too!


Jake!! YOU HAVE 1337 POSTS!!! :D:D:D:D



You’re in Prince Edward County, right? Why not the PEUnis, or perhaps (if you can stomach the acronym) PEUC (pronounced, of course, pyuke)? If you’re associated in any way with Queens, then the possibilties are almost endless…

Have fun!