Help me win Contest.

Hello all,
I have entered a Best Action Photo Contest that I found on a skateboarding website. The picture can be of any sport and I entered one of mine. Please take time to vote me to the top and help me win the contest :slight_smile:
It says only one vote per IP address so only vote once. You may have to sign up to vote but Im not for sure.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Mmmm, that is a very good looking shifty.

I voted 10.

Voted 10 to.
Hope you win my friend.
See you at Wunschkonzert :wink:

Peter M

Thats sick!!!

Not only is it a good unicycling photo, it is a good photo, period.

voted 10
cool pic

I voted 10, sick photo

What’s the prize?

10 for Kelly, 1 for everyone else.

Ehh, I gave it 7…

Just kidding of course. That’s cool, I want to find more contests like that…

I am a photographer by trade and saw and voted on at least 20 of those. I gave you a ten and I really did think that yours was the best. There was only one other good skateboarding picture. Good job.

Did you hit that?

It looks decent, but just doesn’t look like you got enough height to make it all the way down. I could be wrong…

Gave ya a 10. Gewd luck… What do you win?

10, no doubt about it.

Here it says $200 CCS gift card and an autographed deck from Ryan Sheckler :smiley:

I also voted 10 :slight_smile:

  1. best pic i saw…and just a great pic.

gave ya 10…hope ya win!!..even though you only get skate stuff:( :stuck_out_tongue:

Who says he cant get a decent pair of shoes, and a Manual Box, or a Flat Rail?

Good luck Kelly. I wanna enter a comp now. This community is big enough to win a contest if 40 people vote :stuck_out_tongue:

Great pic!

true true true, and it was intedend as a bit of a joke.
srry for being off topic.

Cool Picture. I think it might have been better if it was taken from a bit farther away, and you could see the bottom of the stairs…

I gave you 10 though. You pic was defently one of the best there. I saw 2 skateboarding pictures that I also liked.

Looking good guys. Thanks for all the votes and keep them coming. Yeah, I would win 200 dollars to buy stuff and a skateboard deck signed by Ryan Sheckler lol.

Keep voting :slight_smile:


Interesting to know, but not relevant in terms of it being a cool photo. I clicked the link not expecting much, but it was definitely RAD! I gave it a 10.