help me win a contest too!!!

i found this a while back, entered it yesterday, and thought maybe a few of you guys have profiles on this site or are WAY COOL and want to help me win :slight_smile:

pretty please and thanks a lot!

why is “sex” one of the tags? like anyone searching for sex is going to watch a unicycle video. :roll_eyes:


Maybe looking for level 11? :wink:

i thought that was decided on as level 13 or something like that…

anyways… i changed the tags up a little, i just copied them from some other unicycle video and added a few words…

Okay, that might be true… I probably missed the memo on that one.

I rated it five owies for total lack of pads. Any of you guys got any nice scars yet?

only a few on my legs from learning unispins…