help me view the lift handle PDF please

there is a PDF file of the “CNC Handle Installation Guide” on the home page/bottom left of but my machiene wont let me view it.

can someone post the pics on here or in the gallery?

if its really easy,i’m curious of the “Aluminum Fork Setup Guide” too but the lift handle is what i really need.

Re: help me view the lift handle PDF please

Here’s the text via Google Cache:

Image(s) are attached.


Re: help me view the lift handle PDF please

Once again, the text of the PDF, courtesy of Google:

To get the text of any PDF, find the URL of the PDF you want to view (in this case,, put it into Google ( and then click on the “View as HTML” link on the second line of the result.

That, or download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader (



Oh, and, uh,…watch those irregular surfaces…:wink:

thanx Eli.

i asked over there but but no one answered,you anawered in 5 rock:D

i tried to download the Adobe reader but it just kept crashing me.thanx for the google tip.

i still dont get that,even after the sounds like lawyer un-tech wording would be “dont cinch it down on somthin that aint flat” i think thats what the Muniac meant.

how is your CNC handle working for ya Munieer?im thinking of getting one.

I’ve been using a Muniac CNC handle for 6 months now. I’ve really beat the crap out of it and it’s still rock solid. Great handle. Very well designed ergonomically.

Joe Merrill


so it looks and still feels good?its still a very expensive item and there have been some folks that seem to have trouble with it.if it was $50 bucks i would have bought one along time ago but $75 and i want to be sure.

i woke up this morning to a responce that makes me not really want to buy one at all though.i feel that he was insulting not only me but this whole newsgroup kinda.does it look that way to anyone else?

check it out—>

Re: Merrill

All I remember is that some guy in England supposedly broke one. After venting about the product, he disappeared and never gave the details as to how it broke. And there was a post about the difficulties Tommy in Memphis had when something didn’t line up properly during the installation. Not sure how that worked out.

Mine went on in 5 minutes, flawlessly. It is super-comfortable and can be made even more comfortable with a bit of friction tape. I have probably dropped the seat, smacking the handle directly onto the pavement, maybe 5 time, not to mention extreme abuse on the trail. This handle is pretty darn tough.

My understanding on the cost, as Scott has explained to me is that the Delrin plastic from which it is made is an expensive high quality material. The process of making these handles ain’t trivial either.

The first time I tried this handle on Scott’s Muni last summer, I bought one immediately. There’s no question that this is a significant improvement over the Miyata.

I’ve seen people get upset by Scott’s posts before. Scott won’t win any Emily Post awards for email etiquette, but I think he’s only responding to the tone of your post. “Thanks for nothin?” I mean, that ain’t exactly a friendly overture. I think most people who know Scott personally would see this as just a friendly jibe. Scott’s a New Yorker. Lots of people around here talk this way. :sunglasses: I wouldn’t let that affect your decision. IMO, you won’t be sorry paying $75 for this handle. You get what you pay for. Pay $20, and you will get a $20 handle. Pay $75 and you’ll get cutting edge.


I think you may have reacted too quickly with your “Thanks for nothin’” post.
I have read much of the Muniac board and Scott has always been very helpful and answers just about all of the questions asked of him.
Your post could very easily have been taken as a shot.
I’m sure he would have answered you in time, but you drew first blood.
The Muniac BB just doesn’t get the traffic this board does and you can’t really expect an immediate response.

Re: help me view the lift handle PDF please

What’s wrong with the kinport or SH handle??


look at the dates.i waited two whole days.its not like i said “answer me now or die” i just got tired of waiting and posted the question here.

then i posted agian on the muniac BB just to close the thread.i put the :stuck_out_tongue: tongue thing there for sarcasim.i didnt draw any blood.

calling me stupid for asking a question was the real “shot”


I think Joe Merrill covered the strong points of the handle very well. I can only add that it is very stiff and the length gives added control when cleaning rocks in the trail. I find the finger hole exemplary in it’s design. It is big and easily accomodates all three longest fingers. You can even get all four in there if you have to. That means some control.

Joe had emailed me before I rode with the handle that what was readily apparent was his ability to really push down on the handle before hopping up. In that it helped to set up the spring from the tire. i am still timing my hops, so I can’t agree or disagre with that.

It really is an awesome handle. The kinport handle is, I think of the same material, but I don’t think you will get the smooth “fits your hand feel” from that. I haven’t ridden a kInport, but that’s just a guess. The Kinport has it’s place as a replacement handle and the Wilder CNC handle does as well.

The only thing that you might notice for a while are blisters from the finger hole. The edges are not round, but are filed smooth and that just takes some time to build up calases. I still don’t have blisters, but I do have some worn skin in places, but that is disappearing.

It’s pricey, no doubt, but once you get one, I don’t think you will ride with anything else.

In regards to Scott’s comment:

You have said that you don’t play the waiting game very well. This time you didn’t, I think you can admit that. You have posted enough times to BB, so you also realize that it’s really slow. You were right to post there for a responce, initially, but I think it’s unfair to think that Scott or anyone else would be able to help you quickly. You read this board frequently, but others don’t. Your sarcastic comment to Scott obviously set him off. He talks straight about what’s on his mind, that I have found out. He responded with the same tone as your comment.

It was a good idea to post your question here. And you got what you wanted right away. Lesson learned.

Get the handle even if your pissed off when things calm down. lists the Kinport material as “Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene.” I have no idea how this compares to Delrin in terms of functionality or price, but I suspect there are differences.

Is the Kinport still closed on the top? Where do the tips of your fingers go? Wouldn’t they get all jammed up in there? I haven’t tried a Kinport either, so I can’t comment beyond this.

TeachnDad: you can quickly alleviate this with a file and or some fine sandpaper. The Delrin plastic can be filed and sanded very nicely. You can contour and customize to fit your hand. This is another thing I like about the Delrin plastic.


we posted at the same time so you can read my comment above and see that i didnt need an answer “right away”

the only lesson i learned over there is apparantly the only stupid question is a question asked

I won’t touch the political stuff, but I do think that the Kinport is pretty good if you do some work on it. A $19 handle plus an hour’s work and a roll of hockey tape produces a VERY nice handle - strong and comfortable and no blisters. Many people have tried this and I’ve ridden it lot by now.

Check out this thread, Jagur:

I wasn’t taking sides or anything, you asked if others saw it the way you did. (I did notice the smiley guy in your post).
I’ve been misunderstood on forums before, a guy takes a well meaning response as a jab and the flames start flying.
Nothing like face to face huh?:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Re: Re: help me view the lift handle PDF please

nothing.i have one and a Kinport bumper too.

i would just like to try both.

Re: help me view the lift handle PDF please

>Dylan Wallinger wrote:
>> [B]What’s wrong with the kinport or SH handle??
>Jag wrote:
nothing.i have one and a Kinport bumper too.
>i would just like to try both.

Ah. understood.