Help me select a tire for a 'newer' 20" Schwinn

I’ve got one of the newer 20" Schwinn uni’s w/a 20"x1.75" (not 1-3/4") tire on it, and I’d like to replace it with a wider, modern tire for street and light trail usage.

Can anyone make a recommendation for a wider tire that will still easily fit within the fork and seat properly on this rim?

(NOTE: I’ve read the many, many, Schwinn tire threads and most of them deal w/the S7 issue–I could not find the answer to this specific question)


Being a newer Schwinn, it uses “modern” 20" tires. You should be able to choose nearly any 20" tire that’s not either super narrow or super wide. Here’s what USA has on 20/24" tires. Next question is what type of riding are you doing, and get a tire that’s appropriate for that.

If your Schwinn has the blue Araya 7c rim then you should be able to fit any modern 20" BMX tire as John said. I have a 24" which can easily fit a 3" tire. I can’t speak for the 20, but I would guess that it is similar. Be careful not to get a “20x2.5” that is ISO 387mm. You need a tire with a bead seat diameter of 406mm, which would be just about any other 20" tire.

Thanks for the link. Being an Atlanta resident UDC is always my first stop, and I’d looked at those but didn’t know if they would all fit my rim/fork. As I said, primary riding will be street (meaning riding around on city streets and parks, not ‘street’ unicycling) and occasional smooth trails.

There’s something appealing about that Van’s tire…

Good to hear from someone who’s actually put a new, large, tire on one of these. This uni belongs to my daughter who became dissatisfied with her tire after riding on my trials uni with a nice, new 20x2.35 tire on it. In addition to being narrower and higher pressure, the Schwinn has its original tire, so it’s probably about 30 years old.

Some time ago, I was looking to upgrade my old Pashley 26" to a 29" and I was considering going with a Schwalbe Big Apple–I see they have one in a 20x2.15" – any thoughts about that?


I would guess that the Big Apple would be decent, but I didn’t really like it on my 29.

I have a CST Operative 20x2.25 on my flatland uni, and it is great. It’s also fairly inexpensive.

I got a 20" BMX style tire for mine at Walmart for around $10-$12, and it’s been great for me. Admittedly, it’s a cheap tire, and it’s only rated for 30 psi, but I like my tires a little squishy, and it’s been great on the concrete, grass, and dirt. My local store also carries both white and black tires, so I chose the white, and it looks pretty cool. It think it’s worth a try for the price.

Following up on this, I got a ‘Schwalbe Big Apple HS 338 Fatty Bicycle Tire (20x2.35, Allround Wire Beaded, Reflex)’ from Amazon, along with a new tube and rim strip. With the KH saddle, it looks almost modern!

Looks good! Your Schwinn must be from the range of years between the blue rim ones (1986-?) and the early 90s ones, where they kept the big “Schwinn” sticker but otherwise went retro with the rest of the features (black seat, oldschool rim, tire and pedals).

We bought it used and un-ridden in 2010. I can’t recall if we asked the guy we got it from how old it was. I do remember thinking that it must be somewhat modern because it had cotterless cranks–we had a lot of problems at the bike shop back in the 70’s with the Schwinn’s, Mathews’, and other uni’s that had cottered cranks.

Anyway, it’s looking like this one has a standard 20x1.75 rim.


Yeah, looks great! With a nice saddle and new tire, it does look very modern. This is identical (obviously excluding the saddle and tire) to the Schwinn I got in '86, and I’m jealous! A friend borrowed mine, moved away, and never returned it. :frowning: The ones I see for sale on CL now are all older and look different, and plus I already own one of those. Picked it up at a garage sale in the early 90’s, but it’s just not the same.

The big Blue thing under the seat, is that the seat post clamp?

It is a clamp for the stand behind the uni.

There is no seat post clamp on a Schwinn. The post has holes through it every inch, and the single bolt that you can see holds the frame together along with the seatpost. You just get the height right (to the nearest inch), put the bolt trough, and tighten it all up.

It occurred to me once to wonder about a post that fit over the frame for proper continuous adjustability.

The problem is that the frame is two independent pieces. The post, and bolt are essential. There are plenty of adjustable uni’s out there, so it probably wouldn’t be worth it to put too much time into adapting a Schwinn.