Help me ride backwards, grrrr.

This is my extent of riding backwards without warming up today.

I need you guys that are progressively good at riding backwards to point my incompetence in the right direction.

I found the best way to learn to ride backwards was to just throw yourself into it. Do lots of 180’s at speed so that you are forced to keep on pedaling while backwards, you will fall alot but eventualy learn.

It’s getting colder out already… I’ll try the riding 180 hops to backwards another day.

You don’t need to learn it…

I can triplebackflip but still can’t ride backwards properly. I can ride maximum 2 revs backwards under control to do a fakie trick haha.

I say, learn a more fun trick.


A prime example of the whole point I want to be able to ride backwards :roll_eyes:

You have the idea, sometimes it looked like you could have been leaned back a little farther but just do what you are doing a bunch of times and then it will come as easily as riding forwards.

Haha, thats kind of funny.

I can ride on average 20-30 feet backwards if I’m not freezing cold and I warm up for a while.

I agree that I do lean back too far… but when I lean forward a bit more, I lose all my speed and end up just stopping, then riding forwards again…

Oh Spencer, I used my Laptop to record that :wink:

I just watched your video (I hadn’t the first time I posted) and from the looks of it you have the hang of it. Just keep doing your normal stuff and start doing more tricks where you land backwards and you will have it in no time. I still can’t ride backwards for very long but I can make it look like I can ride backwards.

You are really close to getting it down with no problem. My advice is just to keep with it and you’ll get it sooner than you think, dont worry about forcing yourself into iding backwards from a trick. Just keep up the practice. :slight_smile:

helps for roll hops though

My experience about learning to ride backward is that it’s like learning to ride forward. You’ll get that probably before end of this week (hopefully). :slight_smile:

I doubt it. I have been trying on an off for the last month.

It’s too cold for me to ride all the time, and when I have, it’s been for very shorts periods of time and days between.

When it warms up, I’ll be outside every chance I get.

How does it help for rolling (?) hops?

'Cause I’m sure you do all your rolling hops backwards eh?


You need to ride with me more often…That will help you ride backwards:)

But seriously…The way i was tol dto do it was to ride up to a wall then push your self back ward to force yourself to do it…Kinda like what Ntappin said.

That’s ridiculous, that throws off your balance.

Haha, that helps with bc wheels but I don’t see how pushing off a wall will help you learn to go backwards on a uni. Maybe it would help if you cant even get into going backwards but he is already going a pretty good distance backwards so I doubt pushing off a wall in the beginning would help.

Today at College, I had a big group of people watching me. That helped me ride backwards a lot smoother than before :slight_smile:

No, I mean to get the cranks alined from were you want to lanch, then rolling backwards and then forwards then jump!

I got in about 50’-60’ today backwards, pretty smoothly.

I’m starting to get the hang of it quickly now that the weather has gone up past freezing.

:astonished: I’m shocked that you can’t ride backwards!

How many other awesome riders can’t ride backwards as well?
It’s definatly a good skill to learn.