Help me post some videos

I have a video to post for all to enjoy. It’s a 4 minute video and I have compressed it three ways, but all three files are still fairly large. They are 15mb, 30mb, and 70mb. I tried to post the first one in the gallery, but it was taking so long I didn’t know if it had failed or if it was working.

If anybody has some web space that would accomadate these files or any other ideas on posting them, please let me know.

Sorry, I can’t help ya out with webspace. Have you talked to Lutkus? (email: He’s got tonnes of high-quality and very large movies on his site, maybe he’ll accept one more.

Upload it via FTP to yoru web space. I just increased your quota so all of those will fit.

Ain’t Gilby the best…I tell ya.


Can we get a link when you have it up

I cant wait to see the footage!!!


Absolutely unequaled.


wheres the link?

my 56k is reved up and ready to go!

Still uploading. I started the first one and then watched Signs. I’ll post links and all the low-down on the videos when they’re done uploading.