help me please!

Hi I’m a 15yr old from hertfordshire and I can get to london easily but one thing I can’t do is unicycle this really bothers me and I wanted to know if anyone is willing to give me a couple of lessons

Have you tried the likes of YouTube? There’s loads of instructional videos on there.

And have you had a Google for local groups? I know the university has/had a uni club.

You don’t need to mess with unicycle lessons. Just start out in a flat area with a wall, and ride as far as you can leaning against the wall until you fall off. Climb back on and repeat for 5-15 hours.

Hi hamish :slight_smile:

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MonkeyMark and Shmolagin have pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Plenty of advice on here, just use the search function. But beware, time flies when you’re having fun.

learn to unicycle Go here and you will find all the help you need for now. Has lots of videos. Just click on the right side of the page.

I got here as quickly as I could! Thought you might be drowning based on the title of the thread. Thank goodness you’re alright. Please a pick a more descriptive title next time.

LOL @ aarons :roll_eyes: :smiley: