Help me pick a Touring Unicycle?


I have decided that buying a 26" tough street unicycle just isn’t possible now (based on my own needs, desires, and constraints). So, I am thinking about getting a decent cruising / touring unicycle next.

Which (if any) of the following would you recommend (from

Pashley 29-inch Touring and Trail Cycle [ Price: $419.00 ]

Semcycle Deluxe 28-inch with Kovachi Wheel [ Price: $389.00 ]

Semcycle XL 700c (28- or 29-inch) with Kovachi Wheel [ Price: $279.00 ]

Is an air seat upgrade miyata still the way to go here? And what is the price discrepancy on the Pashley? Is it just durability and name recognition? I figure it is all in the frame.

I don’t want a Coker because, while they are cool and “one day” I will look to get one, I’m just not ready to deal with it yet. I am nervous about top speed, so the 28" or 29" is more my style, rather than the 36".

Thanks for your time,


im in the early stages of evaluating my new 29er.i plan on a bigger reveiw in a week or so,but i can say now that i like it alot more than my coker.

i bought the Sem XLW 29er.its like the one on but i built it up with what i think are better parts for what i intend to do with it.the biggest differance,i went with a 48 holed hub and rim for super strenth and more enersia.102mm cranks aswell(its fast)

the Pashley has 3mm of clearance left if the 2.1 nano rapter tire is used,thats lame in my book.the Sem XL has 15mm left which is very also is the only one available right now with a flat crown.

the Sem deluxe 28 has got to be the wrong picture with your link.i think thats a 20 incher,put there buy mistake.

coming off of my 3.0 tire for the time being has been a much needed change.


Yeah I guess I will have to call John to ask what is up with the Sem with the wrong picture (I noticed that too).

SO, what rim did you upgrade to on your 29 incher?




i used a Mavic tandem rim.

I like the sound of your 29er. I’m looking forward to your review.
I’m still learning to ride on my 24, but road riding is pretty much all I do, and I’m thinking of getting a 28 or 29 when I can actually ride some distance.
A suggestion for more inertia: add a 2.4 or so downhill tube with extra wall thickness. That will get some rotating mass out where it belongs, and fewer pinch flats.