help me out on cranks

I absolutely need new cranks for my muni and need to learn more about the cranks I can use and what’s out there. I went to a shop and they said that some cranks that are used on bikes won’t fit…why? Also, explain to me the difference between splined and not splined. And finally help me find a set up cranks that can withstand me jumping off 6’ walls. I do need to keep it at a reasonable price, possibly around $100 but feel free to give me as much information on more expensive and less expensive cranks. I’m just looking for as much information as possible.

try reading the other threads about cranks. also for $100 you probably won’t be able to afford splined cranks, because it sounds like you’ll need a splined hub too. I doubt you can find non-splined cranks that’ll withstand 6’ drops. unless you meant 6 inch drops. then you’d be fine with something like the Nimbus X cranks. Splines are basically little teeth inside the end of the pedal that line up with teeth in the hub and are much stronger than regular cranks that attach with a nut.

I also have a question, what is a good size crank for a 28 inch?


Depends on what you want to do. If you are going to ride any distances, try 110 - 127 (I’d go with 127). If you want to go off road try some between 150 and 170. Anything smaller then 110 might be hard to control. Anything longer then 170 and you loose the advantage of having a larger wheel.

go with the new onza setup they are so smooth and strong since you know kris holm uses them and well they have to be strong has them here

I have a crank question!

Are there any longer cranks than 170 out there?

alot of bicycle cranks go up to 180 and 185, i know profile makes 180 s but i don’t know if they would fit the pozanter hub.