help me out - freestyle and hybrid for sale

would any of you guys be interested in either of these? i bought them both a few months back and haven’t had chance to do much riding on either. unfortunately during the past 4 weeks i had to have major surgery and my physio has said i can’t unicycle for at least 6 months so there just taking up space, plus i need the money to survive as i can’t work for those next six months. so please guys, help me out, if you want one of these or know anyone that does then send em my way. thanks.

Size - 24"
Frame -
Seat -KH Fusion, a few scuffs on the handles
Rim - KH Free Ride, 42.5mm wide
Tyre - Maxxis Holyroller 24x2.4, fat, good as new
Cranks - can’t remember 152mm, brushed alloy, look nice - spare black 152 pair
Hub - cromo, taper fit
Pedal - Wellgo alloy, yellow, removable pins, scuffed


Black Nimbus X 20" Wheel with UDC Hardened Hub and crank bolts (48 spokes - black) - £85 New
89mm black cranks - £28 New
green acrylic pedals - £12.50 New
20" Nimbus II ‘Long-Neck’ Black Frame - £20 New - (now powdercoated white)
Carbon Fibre Seat Base for Miyata Saddle - £41.50 New
Black Handle for Miyata Saddles - £7 New
Pink Leather Miyata Seat cover (ONE OF A KIND) - £20 New
Alloy Seatpost 25.4x350mm, anodised Black - £12 New

picture attached - but the frame has been powder coaed white since the photo was taken, there is no tyre.


both unicycls are in really good condition with the usual scrapes on the hybrid pedals

paypal only please, £5 postage to the UK.


I’m from the south east but i could get a carrier ill ask my dad i’m defiantly interested

thats great, will you be able to pay through paypal?
i’ll get it boxed up tommorow, my sisters boyfriend works for a courier so i can have it posted for £5 for you.

get back to me when you know for definate if you can have it and i will get it boxed up and we can sort out payment and delivery etc

dont package it yet

Im having apit of trouble perswading my mum but im sure she will give in ill tell you when =]

tell her the guy your buying it off had major surgery and can’t ride anymore lol
and make sure she knows this is a really good deal. i used to have the same problem mate. my email address is, email me when you know anything.

i’ll take the freestyle saddle?

the muni seat clamp is on backwards and will you ship to usa

sorry simon, i don’t want to part out.
i’m no willing to ship to the u.s while there is still people in the UK that are interested.

is the freestyle still up for grabs?

yep the freestyle is still available, but it dosen’t look much like the picture, the frame is white and there is no tyre.

Hybrid sold :smiley:

freestyle is still sat waiting for a home :frowning:

125mm ISIS?

sorry, i do not speak the technical lingo, if you read something up there, then i got the info off the threads i origionally bought the uni’s off.