Help me identify Vancouver street performing unicyclist spotted in magazine

It was in the Winter 2003 issue of Privileges Magazine. This is put out by ICE Gallery, a travel company that promotes cruises. It was a really nice article about Vancouver, making me want to go there even if I didn’t know about the trails.

The picture shows a guy performing in a public area. He’s juggling torches on a giraffe, which appears to be a Miyata Sky Cycle. The unicycle is green, as are the performer’s cases. He’s also wearing green and black pants, so he’s very color-coordinated.

He’s pretty small in the picture and facing away from the camera, so he may or may not have a moustache. He has very short, dark hair, and looks to be in the 30-40 range.

Anybody know who it is?

What is it about jugglers/unicyclists and the moustache?

I have no idea who that might be. However the Checker Board Guy is a Vancouver based performer. He is dressed in checker board. But his web page has a search engine for various other performers. No the search will bring you to performers of other countries. So since Vancouver is a place that any performer may happen to pass through. The performer that you are looking for may in fact be from another country or city. Anyway here is the link to the CBG’s search engine.

Or you can try his home site address and go into his site and look for the yellow pages.

I hope this helps.