Help me identify this uni?

I found an ad on craigslist selling this uni

They say its a 19 inch gravity and that’s all they seem to know about it. I was planning on buying a street/trials uni come spring but, this looks like it might suit me well and at a good price. It seems to be a 19 inch impact gravity, could someone confirm this, would anyone have any idea the year, and any specific information, and an overall confirmation of whether this would be a good starter for street/trials? If not I still would like to buy a uni for my wife and she is well… short, does anyone think this would be a good beginners uni for someone of small stature :P? hopefully it’ll kill two birds with one stone :smiley:

Thanks in advance for any and all help, even just a relevant link would be awesome.

This is not an Impact Gravity.
It looks to me like an OK-quality basic-learner 20".
It would not survive trials riding (for very long).

It is definitely not a impact gravity. If you were to do street or trials on it, it would brake within a few days to weeks. This is what a impact gravity looks like this

sigh always too good to be true eh? can anyone identify what it actually is then :confused:

Nothing more to add, except coterless hub, it should do okay with learner’s falls but not much more (or the hub/rim may get upset and break :smiley: ).

It’s a Gravity brand unicycle but not an Impact Gravity.

Others have asked about Gravity unicycles before: in these forums.

From this post:

From what I read, that sounds like the consensus.

Wonderful XD. I spose I won’t be getting it at all then. Thanks for the help everyone.