Help me fix up my beater shoes?

I use these shoes for practicing new tricks or anything that I think is going to be super-damaging to the shoes, as you can tell. They’re just a cheap pair of shoes, but I don’t want them to become completely useless. I was just going to coat the sides in a glue or something to keep them from ripping apart, and to protect from crank strikes.

Have any of you guys done this or found good ways to keep a pair of shoes from falling apart that you don’t really care how it looks?

Here’s the shoes…

layer of duct-tape?

Shoe-Goo works wonders. It can even fix blowouts on your shoes.

I’ve done that before and it doesn’t seem to last long, if at all. Although I could possibly do a full wrap around the shoe, with the tape going under my custom inserts, which may help a bit.

It would be ok for a fabric application? Isn’t that mostly for sole-repairs?

I go through nice shoes (nike 6.0 bmx shoes) every 3 months best case, I haven’t found anything that helps much, except stop riding flat :stuck_out_tongue:

The Goo may last for a day if you apply it to fabric, and only a few days if you apply it to your soles if you keep riding as you do. It’s not designed to handle what you’re throwing at it.

You’re going to need something that’s designed to take a lot of abrasion, and there aren’t many shoes like that on the market (see: Chrome Shoes for an example). Unless you want to start riding in heavy work boots, just buy cheap shoes and replace them often.

Try nailing shingles to them. That’s what I do. :wink:

When I use shoe goo, the only place it seems to not work well is the sole. However, it works great when i apply it to the rest of the shoe. (just be sure to use enough and let it dry completely) It stands up to my unicycling and skateboarding quite well.

You may want to give it a try, but if not, you could, as meastro8 said, buy cheap shoes and replace them often.

Shoe goo should work well on that fabric. Once its dry it should be very durable. All leather skate shoes with triple stitched seams should hold up much better. I also used to superglue all the seams to make them last longer even when the threads in the seam wore out. That only works if you do it before they get dirty.

All good suggestions, thank you everyone. I had also thought of possibly stitching on a thick piece of leather over it. I recently de-nubbed my cranks a little, so it may not be as much of an issue, and I seem to strike the cranks less as I ride more.

Gorilla Tape works even better than Duck Tape! I’v taped my own shoes with Gorrila Tape and I never had any problems with the tape comming off. I even taped my snow pants :stuck_out_tongue:

pshh shoes are over rated!

just get tough and start riding barefoot :stuck_out_tongue:

haha those shoes are just fine though, get a tube of shoe goo and cake it on there. Wait for it to dry and do it again!

and like julia said… flatland is hard on shoes :stuck_out_tongue: